Saturday, May 31, 2008

YM experience

Just this noon as i open my pc and signed in to ym,I was really amazed and surprised coz lots of offline messages coming from my cousins that i have never seen and no news heard from them for how many years now gave hi and hellos,i missed them.Im so thankful because they are so lucky to know my ym id maybe my mother nor my siblings handed it to them so anyway thank you coz we can now update each others life..Aside from that what really surprised me, my classmates from my college days were on-line also.For the first time i used ym for talking to them and had a pleasant conversation with them about our present and whereabouts in life,thank you Tin and Aika for the time,All of us were amazed on the situation coz it seems that we are just so close to each other as what Tin said she is just talking away from Cainta to Espanya blvd due to a clear line,and we are so thankful for this new high technology a man created....Sigh.....Sigh.....Sigh.....and it is very helpful for expat like me,I appreciate it so much, to Tin and Aika good luck to your Australian dreams,hoping all the kangaroos and koalas as well as the Abourigins and the rest of the people from the land down under welcome you both with open arms........CHEERIO

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