Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Crash

Pinoy dies, 2 others hurt in Saudi road crash
A Filipino contract worker died while two others were injured following a road accident in Saudi Arabia over the weekend.Rodelio Duenas, 33, from Sta. Ana, Manila, was killed after figuring in the road crash 40 kilometers from the job site in Al-Batha on Saturday. His remains are still at a hospital in Al-Hassa.
The two other Filipino victims, meanwhile, were identified Wilson Teves and Roel Rosaldo. They were taken to a hospital nearby and are now out of danger. As of last report, the two are recuperating at a local hotel.Aside from the Filipinos, an Indian and an Omani also figured in the accident.
The two were not identified.ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau learned that the three Filipinos are coring engineers of a contracting company assigned at an oil rig in Al-Batha, which is near the Saudi border with the United Arab Emirates.The incident has been reported to the Philippine embassy in Riyadh.


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I am really sorry to hear all these accidents happen almost everyday and hundreds of people killed by the road Accident. These accidents will never stop until we will have a tough road rules and regulation and better Road Management in place.

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