Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saudi Railways

I received the confirmation to take the exam in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties so it means to say that all my documents that i submitted is approved.The scheduled date for me is on May 19,2008,10:00 am and the venue is in Riyadh and it is a 5hours drive away from my place which is Al-Khobar, eastern region of KSA.I have to be in Riyadh a day before the exam day.There are three ways to reach Riyadh by plane,by bus or by train.I choose to take the train because i haven't try it yet especially for a four to five hours travel and it is a wonderful experience.Dammam Railway Station: It is located at Abdullaa Fouad District alongside ISKAN Building on Dammam-Khobar highway.I bought the tickect one way Dammam to Riyadh, the departure time is 12:30 pm and i arrived Malaz Station in riyadh at 15 minutes before five .I will share to you some facts regarding the Saudi railways:

Since 1947, when construction work commenced for the current railway network in the Kingdom linking Riyadh the capital city with Dammam in Eastern province through Hafuf and Biqaq cities. Saudi Railways Organization operates several passengers trains every day between Riyadh and Dammam, some are express non stop, while others make two stops in between at Hafuf (Al Ahsa) and Baquiq.
The trains go as fast as 135 km per hour which allow journeys range betwen 4 to 5 hours. Prices: Rihab (non stop) one way: SAR 130. Normal first class: SAR 75 Normal second class: SAR 60

Timetable Riyadh-Dammam 4 trains a day Departure times:10 am, 12:30pm, 4:45pm, 9:30pm Dammam-Riyadh 4 trains a day Departure times: 6am, 10:13am, 7:45pm, 1:05am
Facts: The exsiting Saudi railway network includes two lines in operation:

1) 556 km single track line built in the 1950s
2) 449 km single track line built in the 1980s and used by passenger trains
The railway handles about 850,000 passengers and 850 million ton-kms of cargo every year. Saudi Arabia also announced three new railway lines to be constracted in the comming 4 years. 1- SAUDI LANDBRIDGE PROJECT which will Connect Jeddah ( Red Sea ) to Dammam (Gulf) Over 1,000 km of new railway to be constracted to carry cargo and passangers. 2- MAKKAH MADINAH RAIL LINK PROJECT which will be a high speed passenger service (more than 220 km per hour) to accommodate annual pilgrimage between Mecca and Al Medina through Jeddah. 3 North-south mining railway.

Classes are available that suit different requirements of passengers.
Families have separate areas from those who are single. Families to be seated on front rows and bachelors at the back area.
A dining or restaurant car service is available at reasonable prices, Snack food may also be served to passengers while they are on their seats.
Places for prayers are provided.
Possibility of usage of mobile phones.

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