Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Letter Day!!!

Hello everyone I'm back again here on my page to give you updates on what happened to me this past few days.Maybe you will keep on wondering why some of my post is not related to me, well those news that I posted from abs-cbn as my source matters to me because those scenario happened here in my host country to some of our fellows even some is so tragic and sad,my heart goes with them.Well it is just a reminder to some of us that no matter what happened life must go on and celebrate the goodness of Life.

I want to say hello to my friend Bob for reading my entries here on my page.I hope you are doing good and happy right now with your lovely dog Harry eventhough your dog is sick, dont you worry Harry will be okay.

May 19,2008 is a Red Letter Day for Me, not because coincidently the Canadians is celebrating Victoria Holiday,(thank you Joy for the info and to Laura,they are my friends who are now based in Canada)or because King Abdullah is visiting the eastern region of KSA.This day is very important to me.Why?because this is the scheduled day for me to take the Saudi Pharmacy Board Exam.The result, well ,you will know it to my next post!!!

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bob said...

hi ron, thanks for acknowledging me, congrats for passing the exam, basta im here if u need me, take care!