Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky thursday!!!

Rashid mall

Weekends here in Saudi Arabia is thursday and friday unlike in the Philippines its saturday and sunday.February 26 it was thursday a very beautiful and lucky day for me.You know what?because it was my day-off, no work for me until friday at four in the afternoon.

I got a great quantity and quality of sleep, almost ten hours.The weather was so fine not that hot not that cold and no sandstorm.What i did on thursday?clean my room, washed my clothes,cook,eat take a bath and prepare my self and went to Rashid mall in Khobar.It was the first prayer time in the evening when I arrived at the mall so all the stores and showrooms were closed and it will be open after 30 minutes.It was thursday so it was a family day and it means no bachelors are allowed to enter except expat like me?The security guard asked me

Secu:Inta kori?(are you korean?)
secu:Inta sini(are you chinese?)
Secu:Inta min(and you are?)
secu:wallah!!!mafi sem sem inta filibini.(really ,you look like not a Pilipino)
me:fih muskila sadiq?(any problem my friend)
secu:mafih muskila,yallah ro,filibini miya-miya.(no problem,come go inside,pilipino the best)
me:Shokran(thank you)

while walking going inside the mall at the back of my mind i was asking myself ano ba ang itsura ko anong lahi?,ay basta pinoy ako tapos lol.After 30 minutes the stores were open.The first store taht i visited is the sony to check if the bag and case for the sony dslr that i bought before is available sad to say again it was out of stock.Almost all of the stores were on sale.After an hour while i was fitting for a rubber shoes in reebok that was on 70% off that i bought i heard again the sound,the signal for prayer time for our muslim friends,the last one for that night so it mean to say all the stores again will be closed for another 30 minutes.Hay sarado na naman magaantay na naman sesame ayan bukas na.

Went to Jarir bookstore and purchased books i spend a lot of my time at the booksore.After that searched for the best buy for the other stores.I dont have the intention to buy a watch but i fell in love to the design at a very resonable price so i got one.Tired and hungry thats why i checked the newly open branch of Johnny Rockets in the kingdom i ordered one for take out beacause its now getting late and i dont want to eat it alone on that restaurant.Yes i did it all alone because all of my friends were all busy then.Home sweet home and shared the food with my roomate.Untill next day off lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glass and Plywood

Alas!!! I'm back again to my blogsite to update, as what the Arabs said Allahamdalalah.Thanks be to God!!!wink.Yeah i need to update and write something, sorry for waiting.

Saan ba ako nagpunta?Vacation?no not yet on vacation mode.I'm just here.Sometimes i do visit and read some other blogs here.Quickie nga lang.Just little busy again.That's why i cant concentrate on what will i write.Lots of interruption.Blogging in workplace lol.Busy!Visit!bwisit!!!Busy because lots of delivery of new stocks of dietary supplements to be merchandised for my working area,doing reports,phone calls and plenty of time consumed for patients counselling to make it short nagtratrabaho ako kaya hindi makasingit ang pagbloblog pagdating naman sa bahay low- bat na kaya eat and sleep na lang.

Visit, yes I'm expecting a visitor, one of our big boss from our main office in USA is coming kaya nag ayos-ayos ng aking lungga pero hindi natuloy kaya eto pwede na magblog lol.Wala ang pusa kaya masaya at pwede ng maglaro ang mga daga lol.

Bwisit!!!yes nakakabwisit talaga.An accident happened on my working area two days before valentines day.It was a sleepy afternoon for me,im doing reports and all of a sudden i heard a thunderous sound, a big blast,nagising ata ako.A moment of silence and then i checked on what happened.Ayayay hindi naman ako kumanta ng todo todo para mabasag ang salamin.Yes one-fourth of the glass wall of my store ay nabasag.I dont know the exact cause why it occurred.A terrorist attacked?sa tingin ko hindi rin although may history na about that or maybe the glass has already a damage due to that incident at ngayon lang talaga bumigay ang salamin.If you want to see the video of the history of the terrorist attacked you can follow this link

Investigation done and the verdict is ,it was an accident no one is responsible.yeah it added to my workload on how to fix the broken glass.Phoned the real state supervisor the one who is in charge for the building maintenance and after two hours of the incident occurred they sent carpenters to fix it for the mean time they used plywood to cover because it takes one week to process the new glass wall from the manufacturer.As of today from plywood it is now on its original glass wall.Thanks be to God.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lobo and Uwak!!!

Hello!!!After the Chinese new year here comes the love month.If you are wondering about my title and if you think this is the part two of the chinese post, well sorry its not lol, lobo and uwak are animals and obviously not part of the chinese zodiac animal sign.Me and me just want to act like one of them, so mean lol heres how.

On wednesday last week i catched up the last trip of saptco bus again bond for Riyadh just to attend the very first birthday of my friend here in the kingdom.The trip in going to Riyadh is quite good unlike before that i encountered a malfunction of the bus engine in the middle of the desert.

Im not that excited for the party,obviously i arrived so early at six in the morning.The birthday party of Egay is at eleven of thursday night.Jani open the door for me"wow ang daming lobo yan na ba ang handa"to my surprise this is the line i delivered because the room is full of balloons scattered to be used as the decor,that caused difficulty for me to walk.I take a rest and sleep at janis room.I wake up at eleven in the morning and cook lunch for everyone"embutido espesyal ni godfrey"part of his business venture so far it taste so good kaya pinakyaw ng may birthday coz embutido is part of the menu .Since i was already there all i have to do is to help them in preparing the place."Walang hiya kayo akala ko ba bisita ako dito pinapunta nyo ako dito parang gawing katulong"lol my dramatic line to the celebrator with a twist of comedy.

I love what i did on his birthday to arrange and to finalize the decoration of the place with the help of Charlotte the lobo Clean here and clean there is the scene that i made.I help again the celebrator for the last grocery shopping that were needed in the party.After shopping, cooked the embutido for the party thanks charlo for the help but when Katamaran strikes hindi ko niluto ang lahat.Im so mean you know what i did?inuwi ko sa khobar ang tira lol.ssHHH hindi nya alam noon but now alam nya na kaya ulam ko until now embutido.

Lights,Camera Action!!!so here comes the party.Its now eleven in the evening but a big problem encountered by the celebrator,the first set of guest arrived but the food from the caterer arrived late by almost 30 minutes......"ang alam ko sa mga dumating isang tao lang ang kilala ng may birthday kaya sabay usisa sa may birthday,

me:Kilala mo sila?

egay:hindi,mga kasamahan daw yan sa trabaho ng friend ko

me:talaga isang department ng company ata dala nya

egay:oo nga alam ko mga 8 or 10 lang sila tingnan mo more than 30 sila.

me:(tumatawa)hindi ata bday party pinuntahan nila "sagip kapamilya program ata"

egay:mali "walang iwanan sa bayan ni juan feeding program ito"

me:ah kaya pala mga malnourished lol

So mean!!!lol Anyways the food arrived and im the one distributing the plates ,spoon and fork.Im the usher in the party or should i say the feeding program lol.One more thing im the photographer also with the use of my sony dslr.

The party is exclusively for bachelors no ladies allowed because here in Saudi Arabia it is not allowed to mingle both gender.Everyone enjoyed the party so far.Guest who are close to the celebrator were the one stayed until friday morning.

Ang UWAK bow!!!

Gawin ko na itong paksa sa ating wika para tayo- tayo lang ang nagkakaintindihan.May mga bagay-bagay tayong minsan ating ginagawa na labag sa batas ng bansa na ating pinagsisilbihan. Sa ating lahi lalong lalo na sa mga salo salo hindi makukumpleto ang kasiyahan kung walang "lason"dyan natin sya ikubli para hindi halata.Lalo na sa mga kalalakihan ito ang nagbibigay kasayahan pamatid uhaw sa lalamunang tigang.Alam ng lahat ito ay bawal dito pero masarap ang bawal wika nga nila.Hindi ito legal dito pero mautak lahi natin ang lason ay sariling gawa.

Sa kasayahan ako ay nanabik sa lason na ito.Ako ay nakalimot na ako pala ay dayo malayo pa ang aking pinanggalingan.Napadami yata ang aking ininum.Akoy may sariling mundo na noon kumuha ako ng pin at pinatutusok ang ang mga na ata ako.Ako ay tinulungan ng aking kaibigan.Halika samahan kita tayo ay magtatawag ng uwak ito ang pagyaya sakin patungo sa cr.Ayan dali magtawag ka na!!!Uwak!Uwak!Uwak!!!un pala ang ibig nyang sabihin.Yuck!!!Hindi naman yan uwak eh,pagkain ng uwak iyan.Ako ay nahimasmasan,nilinis ang sarili,nagpahinga ng dalawang oras.Pagkagising ay dumiretso agad sa estasyon ng train,habang nagaatay sabay lagok ng kape maraming maraming kape nalulunod na ata ako.Natulog lang ako sa train ng ako ay magising nasa Dammam na ako.Masaya ako at walang halong pagsisi basta wag lang PAHUHULI!!!bang!bang! sabay pasok sa trabaho.