Friday, July 4, 2008

Terrorist Attacked

This video that you are watching happened a year ago to the place where i am working right now.This is in Panda Supermarket,Dammam Saudi Arabia.I wasn't aware about this because that time, this event occurred i was still in the Philippines.

My fellow Pinoy shared this video, for me to be aware on the history of the place.He is working that time to the adjacent building where his office is located.He witnissed the crime from his window and it was captured from a mobile phone by his arab colleagues.At first knowing and watching the video my reaction is to be scared but examining the place now it is peaceful and well secured so no need for me to be frightened and to be worried about it.

That's why whoever ask the exact location of my health shop they knew it easily by means of that event happened in the store.To all my friends don't worry about me everything now is okay, and the place is now well secured and peaceful.

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