Friday, February 12, 2010

Women's boycott of men from selling Lingerie to women in KSA!!!

Im not aware of this issue until i browsed the blog in the events corner of Ms.Susie that starting from February 13th to 27th, 2010 that all women in Saudi Arabia are all encourage to be united in a boycott to protest against men selling undergarments to women in KSA. If you want to read the complete article you can read it HERE.

I have a good news for all the women out there on where to buy your lingerie.
This is the window display of Nayomi store. This store is very close to my work place. This is the only neighbor that I'm not acquainted with. Even to ask loose change for them or to say hello lol.

Yes you've read it right.All the salesclerk working here are all female.

Ladies are only allowed to get inside.This store is located at Mousadia Plaza number 2 along Madinah road in Jeddah.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starstrucked to Susie's Big adventure

STARSTRUCK - (adj) completely overawed by someone's celebrity status,
Fascinated by or exhibiting a fascination with fame or famous people.

Since i moved and worked here in Saudi Arabia from 2007 to present.My lifestyle changed abruptly because of very limited activities that I'm doing to my host country because of culture and religion, very different from the one that i had in my home country and absolutely no nightlife,parties and alcohol so the party animal went on a REHAB lol.I became a home buddy for quite sometime and laptop became my best friend lol.
Reading a blog on Internet is one of the habit that i developed.By that habit,it gave me inspiration to make my own blog.

One of my favorite non-Filipino blogger that i frequently visited is Ms. Susie of Susie's Big Adventure an American married to a Saudi and currently residing in Jeddah KSA. I love her blog so much and eventually i became one of her fans.How i will not forget when her blog was blocked on internet by Saudi Authority and nobody from her fans in Saudi Arabia have the access to read it but for a few days her blog was on air again.I'm very happy for her because in 2009 she won the Best Asian Blog Award for the Annual Weblog Awards and for 2010 her blog again made it to be the finalist and the winners will be announced sometime this February or March.She was also interviewed by CNN International-Go Asia.

On the last week of August of 2009 i moved from Riyadh to Jeddah for my new assignment in work .From the moment i knew the good news from my boss that i will be working in Jeddah i was so excited and very happy.One of my wish and my friend BOb wish for me and a fan of Susie, is to meet the brilliant lady behind the Susie's big adventure blog.Yes!!! indeed life is full of surprises.The moment that i been waiting for,happened on a beautiful sunday morning of February 7. What a surprise!!!I never expect this to happen.Thanks to my job and my company because accidentally she is one of our customers.It was so funny because i recognized her thanks God she is not covering her entire face by a veil that only her eyes can be seen.Thanks also from the mug-shot that was posted on her blog it helped to recognize her.First i was so hesitant and a little bit shy on how will i ask if she is Ms. Sussie. So many things keep playing on my mind that time on what will i ask.Physically I'm working but my mind was totally disturbed that time that resulted to wrong total of amount of all the stuff she bought that time,i didn't hit the enter button of the computer that's why her lovely husband doubted the amount shamed on me lol.And I have the courage to ask her.Madame are you a writer?and i little pause from her if she will answer or not and i heard her a soft yes answer with a nod and followed her a question if she is Ms.Susie of Susie's big adventure blog.So excited to hear the YES that she was the author and yet i heard it loud and clear.YES it was her on my front not on the internet the real Susie in person,what a big surprise.After she left i grabbed my mobile phone and called my friend Bob who is in Riyadh to deliver the good news and he was so happy also because he is a fan.By that she made my day and a wish came true...Hope to see her again together with Captain Kabob.Indeed i was so starstrucked by her.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New year celebration at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel

A fit and fab welcome for 2010 and a thanksgiving celebration for a wonderful 2009 for me.How do i survived to celebrate this in the desert, a celebration away from my family?Where? My friends decided to have an overnight stay at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel along Corniche and facing the beautiful Red sea.

This is the Sheraton Hotel facing the Red sea.

The view inside the hotel.

The Red sea viewed from my window

Another magnificent scenery of Red Sea

A new year celebration that was so different for me because i haven't experience a countdown to welcome 2010 and there was absolutely no fireworks display.But i enjoyed the night so fit and healthy because we ate our dinner beside the swimming pool of the hotel.The eat all you can seafood barbecue buffet night offered by the hotel was so fantastic for me and lots of sumptuous eastern and Mediterranean seafood dishes at a reasonable price for only 165 saudi riyals per person excluding the drinks.

Fresh catch from the red sea ready for ihaw-ihaw.

I enjoyed eating crabs and lobsters.

At the salad bar i enjoyed the so tasty and so delicious smoked salmon with arabic dressings.

Going gaga over the barbecued lobster.

And yes, the so healthy part of the buffet table.

After the work out in the gym,sauna and steam bath offered by the hotel, it was so amazing and refreshing.A healthy start for 2010.

And lastly before the first day of 2010 ends,i took advantage to have a deep in the beautiful and clean swimming pool of the hotel ,the weather is so perfect and the location of the pool was absolutely and decently welcomes you to have a splash over it.

And that was my 2010 new year celebration at Sheraton hotel.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas at Westin Jeddah hotel.

Pagkahaba-haba man daw ng prusisyun sa Blogspot din ang tuloy...Hello bloggers ,hello world.It took a year to make this post here.Anong petsa na 2010 na lol.Well sorry for the long time of not making some updates of my whereabouts here in the desert.

In a land so far away from my birth place and family and where christmas celebration is forbidden,I exist. But how do i survived from that occasion,well me and my friends decided to celebrate it in Westin Jeddah hotel for a night.This hotel is located along Jeddah Corniche fronting the Red sea.But some circumstances happened that is beyond my control,a call of duty in work on christmas day.Of all the day and my first time to celebrate it in Jeddah that very same day is the un avoidable year end inventory,Sigh!!!!The inventory team changed their schedule from the date that was agreed upon ahead of the given time.Kung sabagay trabaho nga naman ang pinunta ko dito sa disyerto.

Okay heres the view of Westin Jeddah

The swimming pool. I dont like the location of the pool it is located in front of the lobby of the hotel.Westin composed of two buildings,the main building where most of the rooms for the guest are located and this one in the photo is the other one where the gym and the banquet hall can be found.

Green Anthurium flower that adds beauty to the hotel.

The red,green and white wave design carpet of the hotel that makes me dizzy if you stare that long on the floor.Thanks for this carnation flower adorned the coffee tables where i shifted my eyes that for a little of time healed my dizziness.

The decoration of the wall gives you an atmosphere that you can feel the spirit that you are in Saudi Arabia because of this arbic art masterpiece.

The moroccan inspired bathroom

The Galleon wood decor that was used during the sea food night buffet party of westin.Unluckily i havent tried because im late due to traffic coz i have work until 10 pm and it so happened it is thurday and it is weekend in Saudi Arabia so most of the families were headed to corniche for picnic taking advantage of the perfect weather. The seafood buffet closed at midnight and all of the seats were occupied.So i have no choice but to look for food.I found myself on that noche buena you know what where?in Burger King.I have to sleep early coz the following day I still have to work due to the Year End inventory.

From the moment i open my eyes to salute a brand new day, This is the one of a kind of view that will greet to you.Beautiful scennery from my room in Westin overlooking the Red Sea.

I thought for the first time i saw this,that its is a towel.I was wrong coz this is prayer mat, a customized one offered to our muslim fellows and only can be found in WestIn. Thats all folks, my memories of Christmas day in the desert.