Friday, February 12, 2010

Women's boycott of men from selling Lingerie to women in KSA!!!

Im not aware of this issue until i browsed the blog in the events corner of Ms.Susie that starting from February 13th to 27th, 2010 that all women in Saudi Arabia are all encourage to be united in a boycott to protest against men selling undergarments to women in KSA. If you want to read the complete article you can read it HERE.

I have a good news for all the women out there on where to buy your lingerie.
This is the window display of Nayomi store. This store is very close to my work place. This is the only neighbor that I'm not acquainted with. Even to ask loose change for them or to say hello lol.

Yes you've read it right.All the salesclerk working here are all female.

Ladies are only allowed to get inside.This store is located at Mousadia Plaza number 2 along Madinah road in Jeddah.


The Pope said...

I am not surprised to hear news like this being implemented in KSA, basically I find most of their rules are very strange with total disregard to the basic universal human rights and is not even guided by their faith.

BlogusVox said...

Kahit yung Kingdom Mall dito sa Riyadh. They have stores at the 3rd floor where women are only allowed to enter.

Hanggang ngayon they make an issue out of this. Kung ayaw nilang lalake ang attendant sa undergarment ng babae, eh di huwag silang bumili. As simple as that. Hindi yung tatanggalan pa nila ng trabaho yung pobre.

Susunod nyan lahat na ng items gusto same gender na ang sales clerk!

NFB said...

hello Dacz! First time ko to comment sa site mo.

I've heard of this boycott since long time. It is understandable that female customers feel uneasy buying their undies from male salesclerks. But the gov't doesn't seem to have clear-cut solution to their dilemma.

That would be absurd too to deprive these men of their jobs just to appease one sector of the society. I personally dont find any immorality or violations of decency on their part against women. It's only that the government and the "moral" authorities should learn to accept that both sexes naturally co-exist.

Francesca said...

ngek, i find it discriminating. Eh, yung men nga ang target market on those dates kasi i regalo kay mrs or kay gf ang lingerie eh.
Sus, i cant stand the idea, eh hindi naman boobs ng female yun, besides, in some lingerie factories lalaki ang nananahi nun!
hahaha, kakatuwa ang kanilang drama, ek ek.

RJ said...

Paano na 'yan kung gusto mong bilhan ng magagandang red undies ang iyong very special someone ngayong Valentine's, Mightydacz?

Seriously, nahihirapan akong mag-isip kung ako'y nasa bansang ganyan ka strict ang mga panuntunan! Pero kapag mga undies ng ladies, parang awkward nga naman na ang bantay ay lalake. Pero huhmn... ang mga nasa section ng men's undies sa SM sa Phils ay mga babae naman madalas! o",)

Keith said...

Finally, they thought about putting sales ladies to handle these type of shops. I have yet to see this implemented in our Region, though.

mightydacz said...

@Pope hi thanks for the comment yes its very true so strange.

@Blog hi,oo meron nga dyan sa kingdom mall ung 3rd floor for ladies only at nakakatakot ang bouncer sa escalator malaking mama na itim.Kawawa naman nga sila mawawalan ng trabaho lol

@NFB, thanks for dropping by.i agree with your comment.

@francesca, hello po.oo nga nakakatawa na hindi ko maintindihan ang kanlang kadramhan.

@doc rj,ganito ang buhay dito nasanay na lol ayos din naman sa mga babae kung bibili sila hindi na talaga nakakaasiawa kasi nakatakip naman ang mga mukha ng babae mata lang ang makikita kaya okay na yun lol

@keith,yan ang buhay sa buhanginan lol

YanaH said...

strange rules...
pero thats how it is there.. thats how they are..
at times discriminating.. walang sense pero wala naman magagawa...
teritoryo nila yan..