Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New year celebration at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel

A fit and fab welcome for 2010 and a thanksgiving celebration for a wonderful 2009 for me.How do i survived to celebrate this in the desert, a celebration away from my family?Where? My friends decided to have an overnight stay at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel along Corniche and facing the beautiful Red sea.

This is the Sheraton Hotel facing the Red sea.

The view inside the hotel.

The Red sea viewed from my window

Another magnificent scenery of Red Sea

A new year celebration that was so different for me because i haven't experience a countdown to welcome 2010 and there was absolutely no fireworks display.But i enjoyed the night so fit and healthy because we ate our dinner beside the swimming pool of the hotel.The eat all you can seafood barbecue buffet night offered by the hotel was so fantastic for me and lots of sumptuous eastern and Mediterranean seafood dishes at a reasonable price for only 165 saudi riyals per person excluding the drinks.

Fresh catch from the red sea ready for ihaw-ihaw.

I enjoyed eating crabs and lobsters.

At the salad bar i enjoyed the so tasty and so delicious smoked salmon with arabic dressings.

Going gaga over the barbecued lobster.

And yes, the so healthy part of the buffet table.

After the work out in the gym,sauna and steam bath offered by the hotel, it was so amazing and refreshing.A healthy start for 2010.

And lastly before the first day of 2010 ends,i took advantage to have a deep in the beautiful and clean swimming pool of the hotel ,the weather is so perfect and the location of the pool was absolutely and decently welcomes you to have a splash over it.

And that was my 2010 new year celebration at Sheraton hotel.


sheng said...

Uber nice hotel, and with seafoods! Darn it, they're my favorite!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

nice celebration Mightydacs. yummy buffet made my mouth waters..

Susie of Arabia said...

That's a great idea spending the holidays at nice hotel resorts in this area. I wish my husband would go for that idea...!!!
What a delightful surprise to meet you today!!! Thanks for speaking up - you made my day!

mightydacz said...

@sheng oi thanks for the visit,please wait ur surprise after three weeks lol

@tita Loida, hello Canada lol

@Ms susie,what a big surprise and accidentally i meet you finally lol

Anonymous said...

Yaman! Christmas at Holiday Inn and then NY at Sheraton! And where, may I ask, are you planning to spend your Valentine's Day. Isama mo ako please. Thanks in advanced. (Me ganun talaga?)

Anonymous said...

Oooppss...Westin pala ung Christmas. Looking forward to reading about where you've spent your Valentine.

RJ said...

The photos speak na talagang napaka-peaceful at napaka-relaxing ng pagsalubong mo sa 2010, Mightydacz... Kakaiba. Ayos din. U

Mayaman! o",)