Sunday, January 25, 2009

The dog in the Ox!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Today, January 26, 2009, is Chinese New Year or what is known in Mainland China as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.For fun i always look and search my fate for the incoming year based on the forecast on my horoscope either from the bolang crystal ni Madame Asim Auring or the cards of Madame Rosa just kidding lol.
A little portion of the chinese race runs in my blood because the grandma of my mother is a Chinese.My chinito eyes will attest to that but we are raised and embraced more of the pinoy culture and catholic traditions.During my college days my foreign language is mandarin but it needs more practice to perfect that language but sad to say i cant use that because currently im here in the Arabs world where Arabic is their mother tongue.So anyways here's my horoscope and if you were born in the year of the dog you can relate it aw aw aw moo moo moo. Xie xie.

Dog Years: (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)
Good Personality Traits: Faithful, Loyal, True and Good Friends.

Bad Personality Traits: Obstinate, Selfish, Eccentric and Stubborn.
Dogs Compatibility: Tiger, Horse and Rabbit.

Forecast: Chinese Horoscope for Dog in the Rat year says that these people will have a great career advancement and financial situation. According to Chinese Astrology, the Dogs are most likely to face job changes in the year 2009. They need to plan carefully in financial situations to gain most out of them in the year of Ox. Marriage is on cards for many Dogs in this year. In short, love will be in air for the Dogs in 2009.

This year, the Dogs will be seen constructing something or cleaning something for betterment. Dogs are advised to leave aside worries this year and go ahead with their set standards. According to the Chinese Horoscopes, Dogs are most likely to experience stability this year. Digs working as freelancers and entrepreneurs will be blessed with good luck in terms of money and status in the year of Ox. On the other hand, Dogs working under someone can expect good promotions this year.

This year, the Dogs are likely to achieve a higher social standing. Dogs are advised to take care of their digestive system in 2009, especially in September and December. Dogs born in March, June, September and December might fall a prey to digestive ailments. Chinese Horoscope for Dogs says that friendship will play an important role in their lives in 2009. They are going to make new friends, who will help them in many phases of life. Overall 2009, according to Chinese Astrology will be a memorable one for the Dogs.

If you want to know yours visit this:
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Execute me!!!

Here in Saudi Arabia where language is a major barrier in communication by that, I experienced some unforgettable situation between the Arabs specially where some tried to talk to me in english and sometimes leads me into confusion and lost in translation.

Yesterday i was in the supermarket. The place is so crowded mostly by Arabs.It is my hobby to read the labels of the product and to look the expiration date and I'm so busy then and my eyes were glued on the item that I'm holding.

I knew everyone in the supermarket is using the pushcart.I heard someone talking,a middle aged Arab man with his wife covered by black abaya.I don't look at him because i thought he is arguing with his wife.I heard once,twice and thrice and he is now shouting.The moment i knew it the pushcart that the arab man is using was beside me and my hips ached a little because he pushed it towrads me to caught my attention...

You know what the man is shouting and it was addressed to me was EXECUTE ME!!!EXECUTE ME!!!EXECUTE ME!!! I looked at him and smile and said this to him.Sadeek mumkin inta qalam Excuse me mafih execute me.(my friend maybe you want to say excuse me not execute me) and he smiled back to me and murmured EXCUSE ME!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

after counting!!!

After the inventory this is now the place....This is my favorite area of the store, the sports nutrition because they are the best seller here.
The counting machine that i used.(barcode scanner aka pangkaskas ng yelo)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Counting!!!

Alas counting is over!!!Before i finally say goodbye to 2008 and to welcome 2009 this what makes me busy then, to prepare all the stocks that was delivered to my work place from warehouse and the stocks already on the shelves.To make it easy and make it orderly during the inventory this is what i did: segregate the products according to brand and expiration date.

For me not to be bored during counting instead of using english in counting i used arabic.Fun!Fun!Fun count this way: wahid(1),itnayn(2),talata(3),arba(4),khamsa(5),sitta(6),sabbah(7),thomaniah(8),tissah(9),ashra(10) blah- blah- blah miyah(100).Thank you inventory team,people from main office and warehouse in Riyadh.I enjoyed using the high-tech counting machine its look like the size of the first model of mobile phone that was released in the market 10 years ago(parang pangkaskas ng yelo lol).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh KSA.Noticed the Banderitas very Pinoy
In this cosmopolitan world,people need to move globally to explore the immense possibilities each region has to offer.

To survive one needs to bridge the cultural differences and vive into an athmosphere of multiculturalism and fluidity.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Black Nazarene

While eating my brunch at the same time my eyes were glued to boob tube watching the news 24oras on pinoy tv and Mike Enriquez is reporting the situation on Quiapo, the feast of Black Nazarene .I cant help myself but to laugh when Mike Enriquez made a mistake during hes report and right away he uttered hes famous "EXCUSE ME PO" line.

Back to the scenario that was being flashed on the screen i saw lots of devotees clad in maroon and golden shirt ,followed from the color of the robe of the life sized image of Jesus.Waving white handkerchief as procession passed by and almost all the devotees were eager to get near the carriage of the image.To be on that procession is the test of physical strength, stamina and agility.Its look like bees on their beehives.

At the back of my mind i wonder on how many devotees again will faint, will be injured and worst comes to worst is to let their life be stolen by that incident.It is also the place where bad people convene likes of pickpockets, snatchers and swindlers.

When i was in the Philippines I attended Friday mass on Quiapo church but not so often and during Sundays also. I know also how to sing the hymn for the Black Nazarene the 'Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno" composed by our national artist Lucio San Pedro. I can say that I'm not that full blown devotees of the Black Nazarene and never in my life i joined in the procession. Yes I do have its novena prayer booklet and a small rosary that was always on my bag or on may wallet but no more today because i don't want myself to put in trouble here in Saudi Arabia where all christian religious paraphernalia is absolutely not allowed. The day i said goodbye to my novenas was the day i stepped on the terminal of the airport of NAIA one year and nine months ago.

During my university days also five years ago,the feast of Black Nazarene is the extension of my Christmas break because that day all schools in university belt in Manila declared to be a holiday so it means to say no classes and thanks God its Friday.Ye hey.

To pray or not to pray, to be a devotee or not to be a devotee.Is it sacred or fanaticism?

It is very clear i got the answer from the superstar Nora Aunor "WALANG HIMALA"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Urban zone arabia

Welcome 2009, I faced the very first day of 2009 full of hope,happiness and wonderful changes in dealings with life.The very first thing that i did is to change the arrangement of my room my so called safe haven in saudi "Sanctuario de Ronaldo" sounds like hmmmm.LOL.Nakakasawa na rin kasi ang ayos.Thank you to TFC Urban zone hosted by Daphne Osena-Paez for the informative show and for the pointers on interior design of a room.Presenting my masterpiece!!!

my two lucky plants here in my safe haven in the dessert of Saudi under the parachute-rainbow-inspired lamp shade.

my aquarium here in Saudi arabia, before winter time my gold fish are six now they are trimmed down to two, namatay sila due to the cold weather at nasira ang mini heater ng aquarium ko.ako'y nagluluksa sa pagpanaw ninyo .

My favorite spot in my room this the place where i do blogging at home,thanks for the free DSL na nakukuha ko sa building hehehe.Thank you also to IKEA Dharan for the affordable furnitures kahit pinahirapan ako sa pagbuo ng table and chairs.