Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh KSA.Noticed the Banderitas very Pinoy
In this cosmopolitan world,people need to move globally to explore the immense possibilities each region has to offer.

To survive one needs to bridge the cultural differences and vive into an athmosphere of multiculturalism and fluidity.


RJ said...

Wow! maganda ang thought na ito, sa Australia napaka-applicable talaga nito.

Sinong naglagay ng mga banderitas na yan, Mightydacz?

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

hahhaa, natawa ako, not sa post pro sa title ng post, it sounds pero familiar kasi. It's just so catchy! I thought it's my thoughts, it your thoughts pala. haha

Kasama po kau sa

blog ng lahat ng mga pinoy blogger sa buong mundo!

mightydacz said...

hi dockie thank you again sa pag amoy lol sa pagbasa ng ohthoughtkoto.About sa banderitas it was the idea of our kabayan who is the store manager ng isang grocery store during sa mga major sale and promotion nila laging may banderitas.

@mr.thoughts salamat sa pagbisita at sa pagAMOY lol pagbasa ng Ohthoughtko.salamat

yoshke said...

haha, natawa lang ako sa banderitas at sa comment mo na very pinoy. hahaha