Sunday, January 25, 2009

Execute me!!!

Here in Saudi Arabia where language is a major barrier in communication by that, I experienced some unforgettable situation between the Arabs specially where some tried to talk to me in english and sometimes leads me into confusion and lost in translation.

Yesterday i was in the supermarket. The place is so crowded mostly by Arabs.It is my hobby to read the labels of the product and to look the expiration date and I'm so busy then and my eyes were glued on the item that I'm holding.

I knew everyone in the supermarket is using the pushcart.I heard someone talking,a middle aged Arab man with his wife covered by black abaya.I don't look at him because i thought he is arguing with his wife.I heard once,twice and thrice and he is now shouting.The moment i knew it the pushcart that the arab man is using was beside me and my hips ached a little because he pushed it towrads me to caught my attention...

You know what the man is shouting and it was addressed to me was EXECUTE ME!!!EXECUTE ME!!!EXECUTE ME!!! I looked at him and smile and said this to him.Sadeek mumkin inta qalam Excuse me mafih execute me.(my friend maybe you want to say excuse me not execute me) and he smiled back to me and murmured EXCUSE ME!!!


RJ said...


Sana ganito na rin sinabi mo, "Sadeek mumkin inta qalam I'm sorry mafih execute me." Natamaan 'ka mo ang hips mo Mightydacz, di ba?

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

hahaha! natawa ako early morning! "Execute you!"

Thanks for this very funny post!

yoshke said...

haha. buti hindi ka napaaway

sheng said...

Umm, what could he have done when you could have executed him right away? It was super confusing huh, execute me and excuse me... Ugh! Haha, i visited here, thanks for visiting mine as well.

Desert Aquaforce said...

You made my day! Got similar experiences as well.
But here's one for the books - A Saudi guy was with me in the car and he wanted us to drop by a gas station to buy something. He was trying to grope for the right word to tell me the reason why? He said that he was very "university" and I was confused as to what he wanted. I tried to figure out if he wanted to buy a paper or a pen as it is related to the university.
To make the long story short, upon arrival at the gas station he went directly inside the store to get some bottles of drinking water... Ah.."THIRSTY".
Well, sounds like... ayan University means Thirsty... Hope that will tickle your ribs too!

Jez said...

nakakatuwa talaga kapag kausap mo ibang lahi ni adan.

atleast it put smile in your face, nakatulong upang hindi dumami ang wrinkles,,,,