Friday, January 9, 2009

Black Nazarene

While eating my brunch at the same time my eyes were glued to boob tube watching the news 24oras on pinoy tv and Mike Enriquez is reporting the situation on Quiapo, the feast of Black Nazarene .I cant help myself but to laugh when Mike Enriquez made a mistake during hes report and right away he uttered hes famous "EXCUSE ME PO" line.

Back to the scenario that was being flashed on the screen i saw lots of devotees clad in maroon and golden shirt ,followed from the color of the robe of the life sized image of Jesus.Waving white handkerchief as procession passed by and almost all the devotees were eager to get near the carriage of the image.To be on that procession is the test of physical strength, stamina and agility.Its look like bees on their beehives.

At the back of my mind i wonder on how many devotees again will faint, will be injured and worst comes to worst is to let their life be stolen by that incident.It is also the place where bad people convene likes of pickpockets, snatchers and swindlers.

When i was in the Philippines I attended Friday mass on Quiapo church but not so often and during Sundays also. I know also how to sing the hymn for the Black Nazarene the 'Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno" composed by our national artist Lucio San Pedro. I can say that I'm not that full blown devotees of the Black Nazarene and never in my life i joined in the procession. Yes I do have its novena prayer booklet and a small rosary that was always on my bag or on may wallet but no more today because i don't want myself to put in trouble here in Saudi Arabia where all christian religious paraphernalia is absolutely not allowed. The day i said goodbye to my novenas was the day i stepped on the terminal of the airport of NAIA one year and nine months ago.

During my university days also five years ago,the feast of Black Nazarene is the extension of my Christmas break because that day all schools in university belt in Manila declared to be a holiday so it means to say no classes and thanks God its Friday.Ye hey.

To pray or not to pray, to be a devotee or not to be a devotee.Is it sacred or fanaticism?

It is very clear i got the answer from the superstar Nora Aunor "WALANG HIMALA"


Fjordan Allego said...

iba lang talaga manapmalataya ang mga tao. Nahihwagaan ako sa mga ganun pero siguro dun sila natitiwala sa Diyos.

RJ said...

Nagtataka talaga ako sa mga deboto ng Black Nazarene... Bakit ganyan kaya sila tuwing ipinaparada ang imahe tuwing kapistahan nito?! Kailangan ba talagang gawin 'yon? bagay, kagustuhan o panata nila 'yon 'ika nga.

Napanood ko rin ang coverage ng ABS-CBN dito sa Au thru ANC.

BlogusVox said...

Report say 2M ang dumalo. That's 2/3 of the volume who attended the Haj pilgrimage and it's only a one-day affair! Ano pa kaya kung 4 days ito katulad ng Haj.

mightydacz said...

@fjordan hi thanks for dropping by i always visit ur blog but always something wrong goin on with ur site operation aborted and it cannot be displayed.why oh why?

@ Dockie how are u?kumusta na?
ur right nakakapagtataka tlaga bakit ganoon even ordinary days sa labas ng simbahan nagkalat pa rin ang mga manghuhula na kung tutuusin taliwas sa kautusan ng simbahan kung sabagay hanapbuhay.

@hi mr henyo aka blogusvox marami nga ang namamanata hindi pa kasama ang bilang ng devotees sa cagayan de oro.

meow said...

our God is a good god, that he will understand whatever way of expression of faith or love for him..

yoshke said...

hindi ko kaya sumama dun sa crowd. at hindi naman ako kristiyano kaya kahit kaya ko, hindi pa rin ako pupunta. :P

yoshke said...

hindi ko alam kung pumasok yung comment ko kanina, kaya uulitin ko na lang. (hahaha)

sa laki ng crowd na yan, hindi ko kayang jumoin jan. pero dahil hindi naman ako Christian, eh hindi pa rin ako pupunta kahit kaya ko.

Pero sobrang naaamaze ako sa mga deboto talaga.

Iba ang nagagawa ng faith. Siguro, for some, absurd ang idea nito. Pero isipin na lang natin kung walang pinananampalatayaan ang lahat ng tao. Parang ang gulo nang ganun, walang order.

edgar said...

Sa tutuo lang para sa akin walang milagro,pero ang malalim at taimtim na pananampalataya ang siyang naggagabay sa atin para maging katuparan ang ating mga ipinapagdasal...:)