Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Judas Cave and Al-Hasa Oases

Its Eid Al Adha holiday again here in Saudi Arabia.For some expat it is along vacation for them.Any plans on how to spend your holidays?Planning for an adventure?Well if you are here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia particularly on the eastern part of the kingdom i can recommend to you to visit Judas Cave and Al-Hasa Oases.As what i did last year together with my friends we decided to have a tour on that place.

Judas Cave is located at Hofuf it is the main town of the Al-Hasa Oasis about two hours drive by car from Dammam or an hour if you take the train.Al Hasa is the biggest dates palm plantation in the kingdom. We arrived on that place so early in the morning where the place is covered by fogs.
For the locals the mountain rock formation they called it Jebel Al- Qarra where the limestone cave is located the arabs called it the Ghar Al-hashab which is the cave of the arrow maker in english.

But for the Pinoy community here in the kingdom it is popularly known as the Judas cave that according to the stories circulated around the group that Judas was cast out here after betraying Jesus.I dont know if it is true maybe chismis lang lol i need some proof regarding on that claim.

The rock formation outside the cave is so stunningly beautiful formed millions of years ago.. Beneath this is the entrance going to the cave,the cave is well lighted by fluorescent light installed inside so no need for torch and lamp. The place is much cooler compared outside with the scent of urine produced by the bats, so be very careful if you will stare the ceiling be sure that your mouth is closed maybe some of the bats dung will drop exactly on your mouth if you feel lucky lol.

If you want more adventure try to reach the top of the mountain.On top of it you will see the oasis.

Wear comfortable attire and that includes abaya for all the ladies and comfortable shoes for hiking as well. Bring some refreshments a bottled water will do. The good thing about this half day tour there is no entrance fee inside the cave so its free.Enjoy and have fun.....