Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeddah Youth Today

I know you have many questions and wondering on what is the usual daily routine of a typical Saudi bachelors especially the youth of Jeddah. Let me answer that by sharing to you a video that was produced and directed by a genius whom he described himself a film freak.Thank you to Ala'a El Sayed for giving me his permission to use the video.The music on the background of the video is so interesting.That was performed by a group of talented Saudis where they called themselves the Jeddah Fabulous Ambitious Members aka J.FAM.At the end of the video there is a question and please feel free to give your answer.Enjoy watching the video.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Woman's Stand Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign,Saudi Arabia

October is the Breast cancer awareness month and because of that ,HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan launched 'A Woman's Stand'-a local Saudi initiative to help raise breast cancer awareness efforts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Dr.Modi Batterjee,spokesperson for the campaign, explained,"The campaign climax will take place in Jeddah at the Ministry of Education Sports Compound Al-Rawdah next to Kubri Al-Muraba on October 28,2010 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm.Women ages 12 and up are invited to form a HUMAN CHAIN in the shape of a 'PINK RIBBON'-the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.This is an attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the LARGEST HUMAN AWARENESS RIBBON".This event is exclusive for women only.Please make this happen.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am not a terrorist! My earth hour experience in Jeddah

Oh no don't be alarmed about the title of my entry. Well let me explain and tell it to you about this.Don't you worry I'm fine and still breathing, I'm free and amazingly alive and kicking and enjoying the freedom of life here in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. Maybe you have noticed about the gap of time from the last entry that i made here. It took me for almost six months for not to have an updates about my life here as a pinoy expat in Saudi. There is a compelling reason about why it took me so long to update my blog because of one experience that i had encountered here and that was so traumatic on my part that i blamed myself because of this hobby and that is blogging.Alas!Now I do have the courage and I'm inspired to blog again and forget the past and not to dwell on that bad experience and so life must go on because once a blogger always a blogger.

I was so excited that time to experience for the very first time about the Earth hour in Saudi Arabia. From the videos and photos posted on the net from the previous Earth hour done from different parts of the world it gave me an idea to participate and so curious about it on what will happen especially here in Saudi Arabia. It so happened that time was my day-off so no work for me.One blogger based in Jeddah emailed me if i am interested to participate, all i have to do is to take photos of the restaurants and other business establishment or my activity that I'm going to do about Earth hour and share the photos and will be posted on his blog.

A brilliant idea i had that time is to take photos of the Jeddah fountain because for me it is one of the famous landmark of Saudi Arabia and lots of restaurant scattered around the place and hotels as well and very accessible from my accommodation.One of my friend also invited me for a dinner and to try one of the restaurant in a hotel near the fountain and to meet him after his work.I said yes to my friend for a plan to have a dinner on that restaurant.I went to Al hamra ,Corniche Jeddah early an hour before the earth hour.I have an opportunity to take some photos of the area for a comparison a before and after activities of an hour of dark night .

So disappointed because the fountain during earth hour is still well lighted and working. So it mean to say not a participant for the earth hour and so with other establishment around the area and business as usual.But the good news about the fountain during the day it is not working so maybe that is the earth hour for this magnificent fountain.

Upon walking and searching for a participant of earth hour im so lucky that time because i found one, i accidentally passed on this hotel.

Lights were turned off .Armed with my mini camera i took some photos.

So excited i took photos,clicking my camera here and there.

While taking photos my friend Bob from Riyadh is calling on my phone and i answered his call and we do have a conversation about the earth hour according to him that earth hour is not a big deal on the capital city. But here comes the BIG problem.I haven't noticed because it was dark in the area but i heard someone is yelling and the voice is approaching towards me.

I saw a man,a black and strong and almost six feet tall masculined man.So snappy with his uniform armed with a long gun attached across his back as if he is a man in a battlefield,not an ordinary gun and not an ordinary or regular security guard for me, a few meters away his armored car is waiting for him and waiting for me as one of his passenger.He is a soldier.He start to speak to me in little english and arabic and he is trying hes best to talk in english.While talking to me in a loud authoritative scary voice he grabbed my mobile phone forcefully.While talking he is dragging me going to his armored car as if i am a rugged or voodoo doll ready to use on his ritual.I am very hesitant to follow.I asked him what i have done wrong in my little arabic "esh fi mushkila sadiq?'.I am struggling to go out of that situation but what can i do he is pushing me going to the armored car.So much scared that all i can hear is the deafening sound of my heartbeat,my legs were shaking,a butterfly on my stomach.I am so puzzled on what is my violation.He said no need for talking this time all i have to do is to follow his order for interrogation.Interrogation?I said it loud almost shouting with my teary eyes.You are a suspect for terrorism!!!!Terrorism?He is asking on what group i belong,who is my boss while checking my mobile phone.He saw me talking on my mobile phone before and asked if that is my boss.He said i am secret agent doing a surveillance of the hotel.What?a secret agent of a terrorist group.He asked me on what i am doing in the dark and why i am taking photos. Feel dizzy that time OMG!!!Im going to jail and experience earth hour for the rest of my life.I am now a suspect and i am guilty unless i can prove to him that i am innocent.Im sweating but i feel so cold.All i have to do that time is to pray,calling all the angels and saints that i knew but impossible because they are not welcome in Saudi because it is a muslim country.Kidding aside he kept on talking to his walkie talkie i dont understand that much because it is in pure arabic.He ask me to help him to operate my camera so that he can see the photos but after how many minutes the camera turned off because the battery is empty that time.I composed myself and try to talk to him on a diplomatic way on the best way i could.I gain confidence again and show to him that i am a good man, a peace loving man and explain to him about the earth hour.Not yet convinced he asked my iqama my resident permit.I explain my work to him.While talking and standing in front of him near his armored car I saw his reaction on his face as if he saw an angel with a spread wings and a halo that appeared on me. He looks so amazed.He touched my shirt and examined it as if i am a model doing a full turn just to scrutinize what i am wearing.I saw smile on his face.My saviour just arrived.He is now good to me and as if he is now my servant.He obeys and follow my request to give back my mobile phone,my camera and my iqama.My t-shirt is my saviour because what im wearing is a picture of King Abdullah the King of Saudi Arabia.The soldier read what is written on my shirt which is in arabic "kulo na abnaok" in english it says Brother to all.Im loving now this shirt that i bought in a souvenir shoppe in serafi mega mall.The soldier now was so convinced that i am a peace loving person.He asked me now in a friendly manner.As a sign of friendship and peace i offer him a firm handshake.He let me go as if nothing happened.I waved my hand and say good bye to him and walk slowly but i feel so tired that time of that emotional torture experience i had.I feel so agitated that all i have to do is to walk,thinking what happened,walk and walk until i noticed i reached my home.I walked that far.Yes very far and i laughed at myself i fell so crazy that time.At home my friend is calling at my mobile phone for a dinner.I made an excuse that im not feeling well that all i have to do is to sleep.That experience i keep as a secret to my friends. That's all folks my unforgettable experience in KSA...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earth Hour in Saudi Arabia for the first time

This is Jeddah at night where you can see the Jeddah fountain.If i want to see this beautiful view i just climb to the rooftop of our apartment here in Jeddah admiring the different colors of lights but for the very first time on March 27,2010 it will turn dark for an hour because Saudi Arabia is switching off its power for a whole hour from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. Lights are expected to be switched off in major cities including Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The country is taking part in Earth Hour for the first time since the event debuted in 2007.Earth Hour aims to encourage people around the world to reduce emissions and be more aware of climate change. Saudi Arabia is participating alongside 92 countries, where lights will be turned off in almost 2,500 cities. Let us see on what will happen on that night,surprise!!! lol.If you love mother Earth please join and participate.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Women's boycott of men from selling Lingerie to women in KSA!!!

Im not aware of this issue until i browsed the blog in the events corner of Ms.Susie that starting from February 13th to 27th, 2010 that all women in Saudi Arabia are all encourage to be united in a boycott to protest against men selling undergarments to women in KSA. If you want to read the complete article you can read it HERE.

I have a good news for all the women out there on where to buy your lingerie.
This is the window display of Nayomi store. This store is very close to my work place. This is the only neighbor that I'm not acquainted with. Even to ask loose change for them or to say hello lol.

Yes you've read it right.All the salesclerk working here are all female.

Ladies are only allowed to get inside.This store is located at Mousadia Plaza number 2 along Madinah road in Jeddah.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starstrucked to Susie's Big adventure

STARSTRUCK - (adj) completely overawed by someone's celebrity status,
Fascinated by or exhibiting a fascination with fame or famous people.

Since i moved and worked here in Saudi Arabia from 2007 to present.My lifestyle changed abruptly because of very limited activities that I'm doing to my host country because of culture and religion, very different from the one that i had in my home country and absolutely no nightlife,parties and alcohol so the party animal went on a REHAB lol.I became a home buddy for quite sometime and laptop became my best friend lol.
Reading a blog on Internet is one of the habit that i developed.By that habit,it gave me inspiration to make my own blog.

One of my favorite non-Filipino blogger that i frequently visited is Ms. Susie of Susie's Big Adventure an American married to a Saudi and currently residing in Jeddah KSA. I love her blog so much and eventually i became one of her fans.How i will not forget when her blog was blocked on internet by Saudi Authority and nobody from her fans in Saudi Arabia have the access to read it but for a few days her blog was on air again.I'm very happy for her because in 2009 she won the Best Asian Blog Award for the Annual Weblog Awards and for 2010 her blog again made it to be the finalist and the winners will be announced sometime this February or March.She was also interviewed by CNN International-Go Asia.

On the last week of August of 2009 i moved from Riyadh to Jeddah for my new assignment in work .From the moment i knew the good news from my boss that i will be working in Jeddah i was so excited and very happy.One of my wish and my friend BOb wish for me and a fan of Susie, is to meet the brilliant lady behind the Susie's big adventure blog.Yes!!! indeed life is full of surprises.The moment that i been waiting for,happened on a beautiful sunday morning of February 7. What a surprise!!!I never expect this to happen.Thanks to my job and my company because accidentally she is one of our customers.It was so funny because i recognized her thanks God she is not covering her entire face by a veil that only her eyes can be seen.Thanks also from the mug-shot that was posted on her blog it helped to recognize her.First i was so hesitant and a little bit shy on how will i ask if she is Ms. Sussie. So many things keep playing on my mind that time on what will i ask.Physically I'm working but my mind was totally disturbed that time that resulted to wrong total of amount of all the stuff she bought that time,i didn't hit the enter button of the computer that's why her lovely husband doubted the amount shamed on me lol.And I have the courage to ask her.Madame are you a writer?and i little pause from her if she will answer or not and i heard her a soft yes answer with a nod and followed her a question if she is Ms.Susie of Susie's big adventure blog.So excited to hear the YES that she was the author and yet i heard it loud and clear.YES it was her on my front not on the internet the real Susie in person,what a big surprise.After she left i grabbed my mobile phone and called my friend Bob who is in Riyadh to deliver the good news and he was so happy also because he is a fan.By that she made my day and a wish came true...Hope to see her again together with Captain Kabob.Indeed i was so starstrucked by her.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New year celebration at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel

A fit and fab welcome for 2010 and a thanksgiving celebration for a wonderful 2009 for me.How do i survived to celebrate this in the desert, a celebration away from my family?Where? My friends decided to have an overnight stay at Sheraton Jeddah Hotel along Corniche and facing the beautiful Red sea.

This is the Sheraton Hotel facing the Red sea.

The view inside the hotel.

The Red sea viewed from my window

Another magnificent scenery of Red Sea

A new year celebration that was so different for me because i haven't experience a countdown to welcome 2010 and there was absolutely no fireworks display.But i enjoyed the night so fit and healthy because we ate our dinner beside the swimming pool of the hotel.The eat all you can seafood barbecue buffet night offered by the hotel was so fantastic for me and lots of sumptuous eastern and Mediterranean seafood dishes at a reasonable price for only 165 saudi riyals per person excluding the drinks.

Fresh catch from the red sea ready for ihaw-ihaw.

I enjoyed eating crabs and lobsters.

At the salad bar i enjoyed the so tasty and so delicious smoked salmon with arabic dressings.

Going gaga over the barbecued lobster.

And yes, the so healthy part of the buffet table.

After the work out in the gym,sauna and steam bath offered by the hotel, it was so amazing and refreshing.A healthy start for 2010.

And lastly before the first day of 2010 ends,i took advantage to have a deep in the beautiful and clean swimming pool of the hotel ,the weather is so perfect and the location of the pool was absolutely and decently welcomes you to have a splash over it.

And that was my 2010 new year celebration at Sheraton hotel.