Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earth Hour in Saudi Arabia for the first time

This is Jeddah at night where you can see the Jeddah fountain.If i want to see this beautiful view i just climb to the rooftop of our apartment here in Jeddah admiring the different colors of lights but for the very first time on March 27,2010 it will turn dark for an hour because Saudi Arabia is switching off its power for a whole hour from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. Lights are expected to be switched off in major cities including Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The country is taking part in Earth Hour for the first time since the event debuted in 2007.Earth Hour aims to encourage people around the world to reduce emissions and be more aware of climate change. Saudi Arabia is participating alongside 92 countries, where lights will be turned off in almost 2,500 cities. Let us see on what will happen on that night,surprise!!! lol.If you love mother Earth please join and participate.


The Pope said...

Wow, I never expected Jeddah to be that beautiful even at night. It's good to hear that they are participating on Earth Hour thus 27th.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a very beautiful view of the Jeddah fountain. Too bad I did not see this when we were there before.

Oh, I did not know that Saudi Arabia is participating in Earth Hour (have to prepare for it). Thanks for sharing this.

sheng said...

Yes, we are joining, but simple because Gensan experiences 6 hours of Earth hours daily. Power curtailment due to the critical depth level of water sources here in Mindanao.

BlogusVox said...

Hinde ko alam to ah! Kasali pala tayo sa Earth hour. Kelan ba 'to, ng makapaghanda?

Salamat sa info.

diana said...

Yes, Jeddah is! :)

We've set up a blogsite for anyone who is participating who would like to be part of the compilation we are working on.

Our website is coming soon, so if you ARE participating (AND I HOPE YOU ARE!), please let us know! :)

This is our blog:

Anonymous said...

My Saudi boss told me about it. It will be a thing to watch for, really.

I will be in Khobar Corniche on Saturday, at 8:30pm.

Question: Will there still be traffic lights to guide the motorists?

Anonymous said...

Wala namang naganap na 'lights off' dito sa Khobar. I heard Ikea joined in. Pero bakit kaya the rest of the establishments here in Khobar didn't. Nakalimutan ko tuloy. (Nakakahiya).

Happy Easter! To you and your family.

(Please visit naman the Kablogs Journal. We launched our first issue today).

Thanks, M'Dacz.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

last march 27, 2010, out time, sayang di kami nakapag participate. we were outside with friends and forgot to close our lights at home.. we wont miss it next year..

Susie of Arabia said...

Is everything okay? You haven't posted for a couple of months. Thinking of you and Hoping all is well.

Noel said...

Hello! Kabayan at ka-PEBA. I've heard from Kenji, Pepe, NJ, and Nelson na you are also working here in Jeddah so I visited your blog.

You have a nice blog. BTW, we had an EB last july 8. Ang blog ko ay Baul ni Noel and you are welcome to visit it.

Exchange link tayo kung okay lang sa'yo. I'll follow your blog na rin para masama ka sa blogroll ko.

God bless and take care.