Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love you...Goodbye

Yes I really love you 2009,thank you for being the luckiest year for me,you will always be my lucky nine and thank you also for always bringing me on the cloud nine but sad to say I have to say goodbye. Thank you Lord for all my wishes for 2009 granted......and by this i openly welcome 2010 with high hopes and prosperity,good health and more more more post and updates here in my blog lol.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Indeed that tonight was really a good night and so fabulous and amazing night because the winners for PEBA was already revealed.....MABUHAY ang PEBA....for the complete list of winners you can follow this link here.........

Con·grat·u·la·tion (kən-grăch'ə-lā'shən, -grăj'-, kəng-)

  1. The act of expressing joy or acknowledgment, as for the achievement or good fortune of another.

Heres what Global Pinoys around the world say it

Dansk (Danish)n. - lykønskning
Nederlands (Dutch)felicitatie, (mv) Gefeliciteerd!
Français (French) n. - félicitation
Deutsch (German) n. - Gratulation, Glückwunsch
Ελληνική (Greek) n. - έκφραση συγχαρητηρίων, (πληθ.) συγχαρητήρια
Italiano (Italian) congratulazioni, felicitazioni, congratulazione, felicitazione
Português (Portuguese) n. - felicitação (f)
Русский (Russian) поздравление
Español (Spanish) n. - felicitaciones, enhorabuena
Svenska (Swedish) n. - gratulation
中文(简体)(Chinese (Simplified)) 祝贺, 恭喜
日本語 (Japanese) n. - 祝い, 祝いのことば, 祝辞
العربيه (Arabic) ‏(الاسم) تهنئه‏

Saturday, December 26, 2009

PEBA President and my favorite PEBA entries...

Season's Greetings to all...

As what the Black Eyed Peas mentioned from their song that i am singing while making this post that goes like this lol....I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night That tonight's gonna be a good good night

I'm singing this coz tonight the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards for 2009 the winners for the fabulous contest that give honor and recognition to global Filipino bloggers will be revealed. The top ten outstanding blogs out of 37 nominees from 21 countries around the globe will be announced tonight December 27, 2009 at Phil-Am Life Theater in Manila,Philippines.6:00 t0 8:00 pm.

CONGRATULATIONsss!!!!! Palakpakan....CLAP!!!CLAP!!!CLAP!!!Kudos to all the people behind the PEBA

I'm so lucky that i have the opportunity to meet the president of PEBA here in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia.The very humble and down to earth well respected man he is Mr.NJ Abad thank you for the gift lol i really appreciate and love it so

Here are the list of my favorite entries in PEBA.....

The Pink Tarha Ladies of Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Chook-Minders Quill of Port Wakefield ,Australia

Isla de Nebz of Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia....

Im very excited to know the winners...

Again Congratulations to all and MABUHAY....