Saturday, May 31, 2008

YM experience

Just this noon as i open my pc and signed in to ym,I was really amazed and surprised coz lots of offline messages coming from my cousins that i have never seen and no news heard from them for how many years now gave hi and hellos,i missed them.Im so thankful because they are so lucky to know my ym id maybe my mother nor my siblings handed it to them so anyway thank you coz we can now update each others life..Aside from that what really surprised me, my classmates from my college days were on-line also.For the first time i used ym for talking to them and had a pleasant conversation with them about our present and whereabouts in life,thank you Tin and Aika for the time,All of us were amazed on the situation coz it seems that we are just so close to each other as what Tin said she is just talking away from Cainta to Espanya blvd due to a clear line,and we are so thankful for this new high technology a man created....Sigh.....Sigh.....Sigh.....and it is very helpful for expat like me,I appreciate it so much, to Tin and Aika good luck to your Australian dreams,hoping all the kangaroos and koalas as well as the Abourigins and the rest of the people from the land down under welcome you both with open arms........CHEERIO

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

Birthdays is a special day for everyone especially to the one celebrating his birthday!!! Even its late to greet them anyway still i will greet them a happy happy birthday!!!To my friends in the Philippines To Meow and Java even im not in your parties because im too far very far from both of you and yet i enjoyed your parties even in my dream hahahaha special cake to all of you just pick the candles appropriate to you age and blow nyahahaha,to Mike wakee also happy birthday....Portia thank you, hello shyn thank you for forwarding your new mobile number.....I miss you all....CHEERIO

Lucky May!!!

Hello everyone im back again.Ooooohhhh how time flies that fast,just like a wink of an eye and I cant believe it for myself that the beautiful and magnificent month of May for me is over.Yeah you heard and read it right, as what the title of this post is Lucky May!!!Yup yup yup I felt so lucky and very blessed for this month.The reasons why:

  1. Number one on my list is obcourse the laurel of my career as an ofw is by passing the exam.
  2. Second is,I barely noticed and forget to celebrate that on May 24,2008 is my one month of staying here on blogspot.Thank you google.Anyway belated Happy monthsary to me.
  3. And finally,im happy for meeting new friends here in blogspot from any part of the globe,World peace peepz,lol........THANK YOU all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


The New 7 Wonders of the World campaign was a resounding success, in which more than 100 million votes were cast and which took democracy to a new global level.

Now, the second campaign organized by the non-profit New7Wonders Foundation, to choose the New 7 Wonders of Nature, is off to a promising start: Some 200 nominations were submitted by some half a million people within the first few months of the campaign.

To all my Kababayans, please visit and please support and vote for the PHILIPPINES entries,

  1. Tubbataha Reef

  2. Chocolate Hills

  3. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

  4. Mayon Volcano

Be a part of the history.Vote now.Thank you

Exam Result

Hello everyone.This is a great good news not only for me but to all who knew me.Well it is my pleasure and honor to announce that i PASSED the exam.......Congratulations to me hehehehe.I would like to congratulate also my friends who made it as well.Congratulations to Nay Manny,Jani,Bob,Jayvee,Duane and to all Team Philippines-Pharmacist.Kudos to all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saudi Railways

I received the confirmation to take the exam in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties so it means to say that all my documents that i submitted is approved.The scheduled date for me is on May 19,2008,10:00 am and the venue is in Riyadh and it is a 5hours drive away from my place which is Al-Khobar, eastern region of KSA.I have to be in Riyadh a day before the exam day.There are three ways to reach Riyadh by plane,by bus or by train.I choose to take the train because i haven't try it yet especially for a four to five hours travel and it is a wonderful experience.Dammam Railway Station: It is located at Abdullaa Fouad District alongside ISKAN Building on Dammam-Khobar highway.I bought the tickect one way Dammam to Riyadh, the departure time is 12:30 pm and i arrived Malaz Station in riyadh at 15 minutes before five .I will share to you some facts regarding the Saudi railways:

Since 1947, when construction work commenced for the current railway network in the Kingdom linking Riyadh the capital city with Dammam in Eastern province through Hafuf and Biqaq cities. Saudi Railways Organization operates several passengers trains every day between Riyadh and Dammam, some are express non stop, while others make two stops in between at Hafuf (Al Ahsa) and Baquiq.
The trains go as fast as 135 km per hour which allow journeys range betwen 4 to 5 hours. Prices: Rihab (non stop) one way: SAR 130. Normal first class: SAR 75 Normal second class: SAR 60

Timetable Riyadh-Dammam 4 trains a day Departure times:10 am, 12:30pm, 4:45pm, 9:30pm Dammam-Riyadh 4 trains a day Departure times: 6am, 10:13am, 7:45pm, 1:05am
Facts: The exsiting Saudi railway network includes two lines in operation:

1) 556 km single track line built in the 1950s
2) 449 km single track line built in the 1980s and used by passenger trains
The railway handles about 850,000 passengers and 850 million ton-kms of cargo every year. Saudi Arabia also announced three new railway lines to be constracted in the comming 4 years. 1- SAUDI LANDBRIDGE PROJECT which will Connect Jeddah ( Red Sea ) to Dammam (Gulf) Over 1,000 km of new railway to be constracted to carry cargo and passangers. 2- MAKKAH MADINAH RAIL LINK PROJECT which will be a high speed passenger service (more than 220 km per hour) to accommodate annual pilgrimage between Mecca and Al Medina through Jeddah. 3 North-south mining railway.

Classes are available that suit different requirements of passengers.
Families have separate areas from those who are single. Families to be seated on front rows and bachelors at the back area.
A dining or restaurant car service is available at reasonable prices, Snack food may also be served to passengers while they are on their seats.
Places for prayers are provided.
Possibility of usage of mobile phones.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Prometric is the international company partner of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for holding examinations for professional classification all year round inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using state-of-the art technology by means of an on-line exam.

Prometric is a wholly-owned, independently operated subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS purchased Prometric from The Thomson Corporation in October 2007 as a strategic maneuver that would give it control of the largest test center network in the world and allow it to meet increased international demand for its exams.
Strategically aligned with its new parent, Prometric is ideally positioned to make substantial technological progress and creative contributions to the testing and assessment industry.To fully understand the history of Prometric is to understand its origins -- even before it was known as "Prometric." "Prometric" is a business that grew and evolved naturally out of other companies that were founded as early as the 1950s.
Prometric was formed by taking pieces of various organizations -- From Block and Associates in the fifties, to the National Assessment Institute in the seventies, to the Insurance Testing Corporation and the Chauncey Group in the nineties – "Prometric" is an innovation in itself, growing and evolving from "many" to "one."In 1990, Drake formed "Prometric," a branch of the company that would deal exclusively with test delivery and administration and the first company of its kind.
In 1990, Novell contracted with Drake Prometric to pioneer its first ever computerized examination, the then-revolutionary Certified Network Engineer (CNE) course. Novell was the first technology company to introduce an information technology (IT) accreditation. Seven years later, in 1997, Sylvan purchased Prometric from Drake to expand its presence in the academic and professional test development and test delivery business.In 2000, Prometric was acquired by The Thomson Corporation as part of an effort by Thomson to expand its reach into corporate education and testing.
Thomson Prometric, to service clients such as the Educational Testing Service, began building its global testing network and infrastructure to support growing demand for test administration and delivery services. Under Thomson's ownership, Prometric sustained and further advanced its leadership position in the testing and assessment industry, servicing a global client base in seven vertical industries.
The acquisition of CapStar and its subsidiary businesses (Experior and Chauncey Group) from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) on August 16, 2004 gave Prometric a market share in the paper and pencil testing market and the state-based market, while simultaneously strengthening its relationship with ETS, its largest client.
As part of its growth strategy in the early 2000s, Prometric saw the need to expand its on the ground presence in the international marketplace. To more rigorously advance its growth in the Asia Pacific and Europe, and to reinforce its commitment to those regions, Prometric opened international headquarter offices in Singapore and in London.
Today, Prometric provides testing and assessment services in 135 countries to over 450 clients and is the sole provider of exams for such high caliber clients such as Association of American Medical Colleges, the National Board of Medical Examiners, Johns Hopkins University, the College Board, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. The company has government contracts in Ireland, England and Saudi Arabia, and federal and state contracts in the United States. Exclusive clients in the technology market include IBM, Microsoft

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Hello everyone!!! SCFHS is the authorized organization here in Saudi Arabia in charge of setting and supervision of training programmed, and also set the rules and standards for the practice of health professions.This is where i submitted all my documents required to take the exam.

Professional Classification, Professional Registration

The Professional Classification aims at evaluating the abilities and efficiency of the Health Practitioner and authenticating his qualifications to determine the appropriate professional Grade and status compatible to his qualifications and efficiency at the time of evaluation. The Professional Classification also aims at eliminating those who are proved to be unqualified to practice safe health profession in the Kingdom in accordance with the responsibilities of the Commission stipulated in paragraphs (7) & (11) of article [2] of the Law of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
To fulfill the above mentioned objective, the Commission holds regular periodical examinations five times annually at the various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to the evaluation committees which are active all year round reviewing consultants’ applications for professional classification. The Commission had also concluded a contract with one of the international companies for holding examinations for professional classification all year round inside and outside the Kingdom using state-of-the art technology for such purpose. The Professional Classification of Health Certificates Committee of eleven members headed by the Secretary General of the Commission and membership of representatives from all various health service sectors undertakes the professional classification. The members of the Committee seek the assistance of numerous committees and bodies inside and outside the Kingdom in carrying out its important task.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Letter Day!!!

Hello everyone I'm back again here on my page to give you updates on what happened to me this past few days.Maybe you will keep on wondering why some of my post is not related to me, well those news that I posted from abs-cbn as my source matters to me because those scenario happened here in my host country to some of our fellows even some is so tragic and sad,my heart goes with them.Well it is just a reminder to some of us that no matter what happened life must go on and celebrate the goodness of Life.

I want to say hello to my friend Bob for reading my entries here on my page.I hope you are doing good and happy right now with your lovely dog Harry eventhough your dog is sick, dont you worry Harry will be okay.

May 19,2008 is a Red Letter Day for Me, not because coincidently the Canadians is celebrating Victoria Holiday,(thank you Joy for the info and to Laura,they are my friends who are now based in Canada)or because King Abdullah is visiting the eastern region of KSA.This day is very important to me.Why?because this is the scheduled day for me to take the Saudi Pharmacy Board Exam.The result, well ,you will know it to my next post!!!

Kabayan:the basics of cash flow

This article that i will share to you is from an email forwarded to me by my friend Mo-An, I dont know who is the original author of this.Upon reading, it makes me realize and wonder that this is a true scenario.This article is a big help, an eye opener to me and maybe yours too especially to all my kabayans and ofw. Enjoy reading kabayan!!!


The basic is: What pattern do you see if you will get a P100.00 bill and monitor where and how it is transferred from 1 possessor to the other? How does it flow? The pattern for a typical Pinoy is:
You earn from your work, you spend it on food, gadgets, clothing and other basic needs. Before you reach the next payday, paubos na yung pera mo. But that's ok payday is just a few days ahead and it doesn't matter if I run out of money, I am expecting money again any time soon.
This cycle goes on and on and you make some sidelines or create other ways to earn but it seems that money was never enough. (I am tempted to explain further pero usapan... basics lang).So you can't leave the job that you have because a week without work would affect the cash flow you have to support your family and needs.

As much as you wanted to accept another job, the gap would make you pay less for a couple of days, which makes you a slave to your boss.At least, you have a job to support your needs.So to illustrate.. .Cash is flowing inside your pocket.Years have gone by doing your monotonous routine.Question... what if you get fired? Or you were forced to retire because there are new and younger people ready to take your place. What would you do?
As an OFW, Makati Executive, Top Salesman, Engineer, Attorney, Teacher, etc... What if it all ends? The sweet cash that enters your pocket every 15 th and 30th suddenly comes to a halt.There are two things you can buy with your money... An asset and a liability. To describe each... An asset brings money inside your pocket; a liability takes money out of your pocket. Another way to see, it is that an asset if you buy one, will bring the money you spent for it back to you 2 or 3 folds. A liability, when you buy it will not give your money back at all.Sa ilocano... idjay ti kwa... djak maawatan... (joke lang po, seryoso na kayo eh...)Sa madaling salita... kapag asset, maibabalik ang pera , pag liability, goodbye sa pera...
Ang problema kay JUAN DE LA CRUZ, habang may trabaho ipon ng ipon at bili ng bili ng liability!I have seen OFWs get back to the country with gold chains at kung pwede lang limang shades ang isuot ng sabay-sabay gagawin nya eh... dvd, component, jackets, clothes, inuman, pulutan, party, pabango... hindi na makalakad sa dami ng bitbit...At s'yempre mga empleyado natin dito sa bansa na lingo-lingo bago cell phone at mags ng kotse.. hindi na nga magkasya ang damit sa aparador, tapos pag umaga sasabihin... . wala na akong maisuot.Guys, esep-esep... what you bought... will it bring money back to you? I know what you have in mind... you have to enjoy what you worked hard for. That's right, but think of something that will last... think of your future..

I have seen the worst of people who were abogado de kampanilya, executive secretaries of top rank business men, people who worked for big companies, earned a fortune and got a big retirement pay by the millions... Now..... Wala na.Why? Because of their cash flow... went in... went out.I need not to mention basketball players, actors, singers, etc... Check what is their career path... next after acting, singing and playing... POLITICS. Kasi, 'yung million na kinita nila, puro liability ang binili.
Going back... all the liability they bought, ibinenta ng mura! I'm wearing a gold chain now, which I got from a seaman... he bought it for P35,000 and sold it for 8,000 to me. Hindi po asset ang alahas! Bakit? Totoo na tumataas ang value n'ya pero kapag gutom ka na, kahit palugi ibebenta mo! (wala bang aaray?) Cell phones... dvd players etc. pati bahay at kotse... that's the cash flow of most OFWs...The question is ...

" WHAT IF THE INCOME STOPS?"Sa Pinoy, ganito: anak... mag-aral kang maigi, at pag tanda namin... ikaw na bahala sa amin ha.... Hindi po ba maling-mali. ..You have to establish something today that will take care of your future.Teka, teka... eh ano ang dapat gawin para hindi mangyari yan?You must create a source of income that will continually make money flow inside your pocket.
Start a business! While you are working as an executive or an OFW, or a professional. .. START A BUSINESS and MASTER that business till you get out of that company. Para kapag tumigil ang income mo sa kanila.... may susuporta pa din sa iyo hanggang pag-tanda mo!Now don't tell me to invest my money on pensions and plans... NO WAY ! Narinig n'yo na siguro yung .... Naku ayaw ko na magbanggit.. .. 'yung mga nagbayad at hindi nakapag-claim. .. sila pa ang dinimanda at nag-piyansa! !! HUWAG MO I-ASA ANG PAGTANDA MO SA IBA! GUMAWA KA NG SARILI MONG BALON NG PERA! KAHIT MALIIT PA 'YAN, SARILI MO AT HINDI KA AASA SA IBANG TAO...
Imagine yourself when you reach an older age... (aruy ko,,, baka yung iba sa inyo about that age... tabi tabi po...Ako po sa mga nagtatanong. .. I'm 37 years old. Naabutan ko pa si Michael Jackson at hinele po ako ng nanay ko sa mga kanta ng hagibis...). You have money that the company gave you as your retirement pay.... what will you do?
You can consume the money till your old... eh kung hindi umabot? Masamang damo ka pala... at hindi ka kaagad kinuha ni Lord.. Eh pang age 65 lang yung naipon mo na budget.Or maybe, you can start a business and use the money for capital... Kapatid... 9 out of 10 businesses, FAILED... yung isang magsa-succeed, gagayahin pa ng kapitbahay mo instead na mag-franchise sa 'yo... think!

At age 50, you are struggling trying to make a business work! What if it fails?!Eh ano nga ba ang sagot?The answer is, stop buying liabilities and instead buy assets now. I don't care if it is a banana-Q store, balot, ice candy or a sari-sari store, etc... start now! Because, your experience here will teach you what to do in the future.

It's so hard to struggle in business when you are 60 yrs old.You have to create a source of income separated from the source of income from your work. That when the time comes that you have to stop working, you will have your own source of money! Create assets, start a business that will be there to support you and your family.

I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO QUIT YOUR JOB! I'm telling you to start a business while you're working and stop spending your money on liabilities and start putting them on assets!Ang pera kapag pinambili mo ng LIABILITY... hindi na babalik... ang ASSET... BABALIK.Teka... masama ba bumili ng mga magagandang gamit? Hindi! Siguraduhin mo lang na ang pambili mo nun ay galing sa asset mo.
The business has to be prioritized! Mawalan ka man ng trabaho, may negosyo kang palalaguin.If before, nabubuhay ka naman ng iisa sapatos mo, huwag mo baguhin 'yun... dati, nagdyi-jeep ka lang... 'wag ka na munang mag-FX...Create assets and lessen liabilities. Invest and learn now... mag-negosyo!Eh anong negosyo? Any, as long as you think it is work and doable!!I wish all of us become financially free!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Crash

Pinoy dies, 2 others hurt in Saudi road crash
A Filipino contract worker died while two others were injured following a road accident in Saudi Arabia over the weekend.Rodelio Duenas, 33, from Sta. Ana, Manila, was killed after figuring in the road crash 40 kilometers from the job site in Al-Batha on Saturday. His remains are still at a hospital in Al-Hassa.
The two other Filipino victims, meanwhile, were identified Wilson Teves and Roel Rosaldo. They were taken to a hospital nearby and are now out of danger. As of last report, the two are recuperating at a local hotel.Aside from the Filipinos, an Indian and an Omani also figured in the accident.
The two were not identified.ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau learned that the three Filipinos are coring engineers of a contracting company assigned at an oil rig in Al-Batha, which is near the Saudi border with the United Arab Emirates.The incident has been reported to the Philippine embassy in Riyadh.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Super Maid

The news that i will share to everyone today is the talk of the town here among the Filipino community. It is very alarming situation to some of our kabayan especially the Pinay maids.To all my kabayans take care always and be safe.Mabuhay!!!

Pinay maid tortured by Saudi employer, 3 sons

A Filipino maid was repeatedly mauled and raped by her Saudi employer after allegedly stealing jewelry from her boss, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau reported Friday. Emily, 32, said she fled to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh last Wednesday after being tortured by her employer and his three sons.
"Ako daw kumuha ng gold saka pera. Doon sa kasama ko rin. Siya nagbibintang sa akin. Di naman [totoo]. Di ko naman ginawa yon. Di ko alam kung totoo ang mga sinasabi nila, ay milyones daw na pera," she recounted.Emily told ABS-CBN that she was offered two years' salary and a plane ticket back to the Philippines if she returned the missing valuables.
When she failed to produce any, she was brought to the police where she was mauled by her male employer and his three sons. She said she was punched, kicked and repeatedly pushed to the floor where she was beaten with nightsticks and steel tubes. "Sinasaktan, lahat pati ulo ko pinapalo nila ako ng makapal na sapatos... Suntok sa mukha, sa tiyan, pasa dito sa likod, sapatos, suntok, at sa paa tira. Tira dito. Pinapaamin sa akin yung gold," she recounted."Papatayin nila ako. Ayoko na. Buti nga nagawa kong tumakas ngayong araw na ito kasi kagabi binubugbog nila ako," she said.
Her body bears testament to the abuse. Emily's entire back is black, blue and red while her arms, legs and fingers are swollen. She also has a black eye, which she got after being punched repeatedly.
Emily also said she was raped three times by her male employer.Labor Attache David Dicang said the case has been forwarded to Saudi Police by officials of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. He said Philippine Ambassador Antonio Villamor is closely monitoring the situation.
More than 100 Filipino domestic helpers have also suffered similar fates in different areas in the Middle East who are now being brought home by the government through the Mass Repatriation Program.

Report from Dindo Amparo, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pay hike

I will share this news from

Saudi employers flip-flop on pay hike

Wage hike concerns are affecting Filipino workers not just in Metro Manila but in the far Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau report said some Saudi employers have already granted a 10 percent increase in the salaries of their workers.

“I am pleased because our company raised our salaries as the prices of basic commodities

increased. The 10 percent increase is still a big help,” said Jun Gatdula, counter staff of an airline company in Al-Khobar.

On the other hand, Rene Icasiano, who has worked as a sales agent for 20 years, also in Al-Khobar, did not get an increase. "This means a great loss in savings for those of us whose salaries were not increased," he said.

He said his family used to spend about SR2,800 (about P28,000) monthly for their basic needs. Now, his family spends SR3,250 monthly because of a 16 percent increase in inflation.

"Generally, life here in Saudi Arabia is getting tougher and tougher because of this recession," he said.

Med Cortez, a restaurateur in Al-Khobar, said the restaurant has been forced to increase prices by a minimum of 20 percent because of corresponding price increases in all commodities. ‘If we did not increase prices, we would go bankrupt,” Cortez said.

Florante Catanus, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

news from the desert

Hello everyone.I will share this news from to give you some ideas on whats going on to our lives as OFW.

OFWs in Middle East complain of double whammy

Overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East are experiencing "double-bladed" inflation: rising commodity prices at home and back home.
Riyadh-based OFW Francis Oca said they started to feel the "double-bladed" attack as early as July last year.
In an e-mail message to, Oca said that at his jobsite in Riyadh, the annual rent for his apartment has gone up from SR16,000 to SR19,000 (P160,000 to P190,000), which translates to a 19% increase.
The price of "broast chicken" or breaded roast chicken, the most common meal, has risen from SR10 to SR12 (P100 to P120), a 20% increase.
A small can of light tuna, which used to cost SR2.50, is now SR3.25 (P25 to P32.50), a 30% increase.
Prices of other basic commodities, like rice, fish, and soap, all went up by an average of 30%.
“Only the prices of milk and petroleum products have not gone up,” Oca said.
Prices back home
Back home, Oca said that despite the strong peso and high economic growth, tuition, transport and food costs have gone up between 30% to 50% since January 2007.
Even if the price increase is on the low side, it still has a big impact on his purchasing power.
“I am receiving SR3,000 monthly. Before, I used to allocate SR1,000 for our food, rent, transport. SR1,000 was allocated for expenses at home, excluding rent since I already own a house, and SR1,000 was set aside for savings,” he said.
“I am still receiving SR3,000 monthly. But now, I have to allocate SR1,300 for our food, rent, transport. SR1,300 is allocated for expenses at home. The remaining SR400 is reserved for emergencies and savings."
Thus, Oca can no longer save as much as he used to. "Before, I am able to save around P15,000 a month. Now I am only able to save around P4,000.”
“OK pa ang situation ko, puwede pang pagtiagaan. Pero paano na lang yong iba na mas mababa ang sueldo? (My situation is still tolerable. But how about those who earn less?),” he said.
OFWs in the UAE
OFW Tess Pascual said that in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), things are a lot worse because prices of all commodities, including milk and oil, have gone up.
"Although we have no taxes to pay, we are paying more. With so many fees and dues adding up to our monthly bills, we are being held up every pay day after paying our monthly dues and rentals, leaving just a dash of our salary to spend for our personal needs,” she said.
OFWs are greatly affected by the decreasing value of the dollar against the peso.
Three years ago, the rental for a two-bedroom flat was only P230,000 annually, but this has more than doubled.
“A couple of years ago, I gave up my flat and rented just a room since I am living alone. I have to sacrifice waking up early, bearing with the traffic hassles every morning and night. My travel time is three hours in the morning and three hours at night just to reach the office on time. My room rent is even more expensive than the rental of our two-bedroom apartment in Manila,” Pascual said.
"To summarize how the double-bladed attack affected me and my family, my monthly expense allocation two years back here in the Gulf was P20,700 including bill payments, food, rental transportation and personal necessities. I was earning P54,000 then.”
Two years ago, Pascual's monthly remittance was US$500 or Php25,500 for her family’s monthly expenses (excluding tuition fees). She used to be able to save up to $300 monthly for emergencies and sent $200 for tuition fee payments (installment).
Stretching salaries
“Before, we OFWs could still afford to treat ourselves once a month. But now, we have to tighten our belts and keep track of our expenses,” Pascual said.
With the price increases and “with the same salary I am getting monthly," she said, "I don’t know how I could budget anymore. I have to tighten the belt even more because I can no longer stretch it [income].”
Pascual had to do away with a lot of comforts in Dubai just to be able to send almost the same amount to the Philippines. For her, the strengthening of the peso meant giving up car pooling. Taking public transport instead allowed her to cut costs.
Pascual also moved to a small room. The rent is less than half of what used to pay renting an apartment.
“My remittance has gone up, and it's really embarrassing to be working abroad and yet have a negative balance on paydays,” Pascual said.
Save in Euro
Dominador Macaldo, also a Riyadh-based OFW, said one way to help cope with rising prices would be to convert savings to Euro accounts.“To minimize our losses in the devaluation of the dollar, the riyal and the dirham, I think that it is better for us to convert our excess money or our savings to Euro or British Pound. At least our savings will not be affected by the continuous downfall of the US currency,” Macaldo said.“I am sorry to say but this solution will benefit only those who are getting a higher salary. For those who are getting low salary, life will really be very hard for them," he said.“I don’t think that our economy is really in good health as Arroyo claimed. You be the judge,” Macaldo said.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rice price in Saudi

Saudi OFWs not spared from rice price increases
Filipinos in the Middle East are also suffering from high rice prices.
ABS-CBN’s Middle East News Bureau reported that rice prices in Saudi Arabia have risen more than 70 percent in the last five months.
Five months ago, in Riyadh, a kilo of rice was 3 Saudi riyals (around P34). Today, it costs SR5 (around P56) a kilo, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau reported.
He added that unlike in the Philippines, where Thai rice is considered a luxury, in Saudi Arabia, it is the cheapest rice in the market.
And the price increases haven't stopped.
Marcelo Sistina, a carpenter in Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Region complained, "Yung dati naming sinasaing na pagkain na bigas, dati apat na gatang (approximately 4 cups). At ngayon, dalawa at kalahating gatang (2 & ½) na lang. Binabawasan namin at ang ulam lang ang dinadagdagan namin para makaraos sa maghapon." (We used to cook about 4 cups of rice, and now we only cook 2 & ½. We’re reducing the amount and cooking more viands so that our food will last throughout the whole day.)
Price increase in restaurants
Prices have also gone up in Saudi Arabia’s Filipino restaurants.
Fred Abrenica, manager of Riyadh’s Roses Restaurant said they have increased their prices only a little because "napakabigat sa isang OFW na magdagdag kahit isang riyal, pero hindi namin na-control (An increase of even one riyal is already heavy for an OFW but this is something we couldn’t prevent.)"
Most OFWs in Riyadh said their purchasing power of their remittances has been reduced by the increase in prices.
Willie Arcaya, a secretary, said "Nakakalungkot ngayon sa bansa natin, kasi nuong una, napakaganda ng produksyon ng bigas, at sa katunayan, nakapag-export pa tayo sa ibang bansa (The country’s situation saddens me because there was a time when we could produce enough rice. We were even able to export rice)."
Tito de Vera, a supervisor in Dammam, proposed that the country's leaders should work together to fix the economy. "Magkaisa sila para maisaayos nila ang takbo ng ekonomiya sa Pilipinas," he said.
This news is from

Monday, May 5, 2008

TFC:Life...Pinoy style

Hello again to everyone.Thank you for visiting my page.I appreciate it so much.Watching television is one of my past time here in Saudi Arabia aside from browsing the net,no choice hehehe. Being an expat i seek channels that is very close to my likes and interests.Watching television would never be the same as before.Yes I am a TFC subsciber,The Filipino Channel.Thank you ABS-CBN for bringing the Philippines so close to my new found home.TFC aired programs not only shows from the Philippines main station but also features Filipino program abroad like the new program that i am so much hooked watching it.Aired every monday here in Saudi Arabia at 12noon.The name of the show is Life...Pinoy style.About the show:

“Life… PINOY Style with Ron Bilaro” is a program about food and the lifestyles of Pinoys abroad, particularly Filipino-Americans. It showcases hardworking, enterprising, innovative and fun-loving Pinoys who inspire others. It highlights the best of Filipino cuisine as it evolves beyond the shores of the motherland.
This is a weekly 30-minute TV program encompassing food choices and preparation, entertaining and getting together, health, habits, hobbies, occupations, cultural challenges and practical issues.
At the heart of each episode is the program’s essence summarized as “kwentuhan, lutuan, kainan atbp.” (conversations, cooking, eating and more).

Life..Pinoy Style premiered on Sunday, November 18, 2007.
Stay tuned for Season 2 starting March 2, 2008.

Sundays 10:55 am
Replays on
Tuesdays 4:40 am
Thursdays 9:45 am

Sundays 11:55 am
Replays on
Tuesdays 5:40 am
Thursdays 10:45 am

Sundays 12:55 pm
Replays on
Tuesdays 6:40 am
Thursdays 11: 45 am

Sundays 1:55 pm
Replays on
Tuesdays 7:40 am
Thursdays 12:45 am

Life…Pinoy Style is now available worldwide to subscribers of TFC, TFCKo Video on Demand and TFCNow or you can log in to the website at

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spanish Bread

Ah yes, I can smell it now... fresh bars of bread from a panaderĂ­a. Hhhmm.Spanish bread finally i found one where to buy it here in Saudi Arabia.Baked by a filipino panadero and served by an Indian national,interesting.This bread is my favorite ever since when i was in my home country Philippines.A common bread in the Philippines which uses breadcrumbs, sugar, vanilla and butter and cream cheese as filling.It suits my palate producing a pastry with a soft and chewy texture.I love to eat this with my hot chocolate.Want to taste some?

Friday, May 2, 2008

United Nations

I feel better now today unlike yesterday.Headaches is gone.I had a great quantity and quality of sleep.I had a full of energy and full of excitement to face the day.The weather is great.The sun is shining and smiling to everyone.Sandstorm is over.Everyone is out of there respective dwelling either to go to work or to enjoy the friday afternoon with friends and family.I was very much surprised when i checked my blog site just a few hours ago.The reason why is the planet noticed my blog.How did i knew it?Thanks to feedjit for the live traffic feed.I was really amazed for this new hobby of mine that i only started seven days ago.I met new friends.
The countries that ive seen from feedjit are the following SaudiArabia ,UnitedStates,Canada,Australia,Italy,Spain,Germany,Austria,Singapore,Brazil,Thailand,Sierra Leone,Slovakia and France and still counting wow amazing.This is the power of blogging maybe by this we can have a harmonious and peacefull planet united as one thru blogging...nyahahaha.WORLD PEACE...

labor day!!!

April is over so here comes the next month,May.I started the first day of this month so early than the ussual time.I woke up 6:30 so early in the morning.The reason why is because this is the scheduled day by our main office in Riyadh to send the auditors of Ernst and Young, auditing firm to do some random inventory to my store in Dammam branch.

The given time to start the inventory is 8:00 am.I met Abdullah,a Jordan national,he is the representative of Ernst and Young.Since it is just a random inventory it took only an hour to finish.He knew how to speak some line in tagalog.
The weather of this very first day of the month is not that fine.The sun is hidding from the gray solid clouds.What made it more not fine is due to a sand storm.I thought it is a fog but i was wrong. It is the dust covering almost the atmosphere and its sorrounding.My vision is so affected by the dust as well as my breathing thats why i need to wear gas mask for protection.So this is how i start May 1 as a celebration of being a part of the work force of the world.Nyahahha.So why May 1 is the chosen day?here is the trivia that i searhed from the net.
May Day by :
The FHL Research TeamDate: 5/20/2005

May is a month marked by holidays and events all throughout the world. On the first day of the month alone, countless occasions are celebrated, each of a different origin and with a different purpose. As such, the first of May has come to be known as May Day. Traditional English May Day rites and celebrations include Morris dancing, the crowning of a May Queen, and dancing around a Maypole.

In Oxford on May Day, many pubs are open from sunrise. Madrigals are still sung from the roof of the tower in Magdalen College. May Day also marks springtime celebrations such as Walpurgis Night in Northern Europe; Beltane in Ireland and Scotland; and Roodmas.

In 1995, the Roman Catholic Church also added to the May Day festivals by making it Saint Joseph’s Day, thus Christianizing this holiday as the day of “Saint Joseph, the Worker.”Yet the first of May is most often associated with the commemoration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement around the world.

It is known as the International Workers Day, or Araw ng Paggawa in the Philippines. Labor day came to be celebrated on the first of May because in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions demanded an eight-hour workday in the United States, to come in effect as of May 1, 1886. This resulted in the general strike and the U.S. Haymarket Riot of 1886, but eventually also in the official approval of the eight-hour workday.
In Berlin, Germany, workers hold yearly demonstrations on May Day. In present-day Germany, Walpurgisnacht celebrations of pagan origin are traditionally held on the night before May Day. On this occasion, bonfires are lit and young people go out to the streets to party.

In the Philippines, the day marks the celebration of Labor Day, a national holiday that honors workers all over the country. It is marked by parades and gatherings though more often than not, it is a time for airing the grievances of the labor sector through rallies and demonstrations. Labor Day in the Philippines was first celebrated in 1903. Organized by the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas (UODF), more than a hundred thousand workers marched to Malacaٌang on May Day that year to demand better working conditions.The demonstration alarmed the American colonial government.

The Philippine Constabulary, composed of Americans and Filipinos, raided the printing press of UODF. They arrested its president, Dominador Gomez, for illegal assembly and sedition. Undaunted, the labor movement continued its struggle. On May 1, 1913, Congreso Obrero de Filipinas was organized. Led by Hermenegildo Cruz, it battled for an eight-hour working day, abolition of child labor, just labor standards for women, and liability of capitalists. Throughout the years, the Philippine labor movement grew despite some factional differences among adherents. There are now unions for almost every type of worker and these unions are affiliated with some national confederations. The unions help workers gain more benefits under existing labor laws. A militant federation, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), even involves itself in political issues. All these make slogans and streamers during May Day rallies more colorful and forceful.However, some May Day events can turn into riots. Just in recent history, it was also on the first day of May in 2001 when “EDSA 3” or “People Power 3” took place. It was the ‘surprising uprising’ of the “masa”—the supporters of impeached president Joseph “Erap” Estrada against newly installed president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It was however more of a political revolt. This year will be no different when May Day is celebrated. Rallies and demonstrations are expected to take place as labor makes its needs known.Sources:Students’ Philippine Almanac. Quezon City : Children’s Communication Center and Filway Marketing, 1991.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not feeling well

Hello everyone.Finally i changed my template into three columns.I want to say thank you to Babette for helping me as well as to Luara.But sad to say i cant stay long now in posting to update my blog ,just for now due to i am not feeling well today. Im having bouts of headache again maybe due to not wearing my eyeglass.I took already some medicines to ease the pain, hope it will be okay by then.huhuhu..............................................