Friday, May 9, 2008

Pay hike

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Saudi employers flip-flop on pay hike

Wage hike concerns are affecting Filipino workers not just in Metro Manila but in the far Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau report said some Saudi employers have already granted a 10 percent increase in the salaries of their workers.

“I am pleased because our company raised our salaries as the prices of basic commodities

increased. The 10 percent increase is still a big help,” said Jun Gatdula, counter staff of an airline company in Al-Khobar.

On the other hand, Rene Icasiano, who has worked as a sales agent for 20 years, also in Al-Khobar, did not get an increase. "This means a great loss in savings for those of us whose salaries were not increased," he said.

He said his family used to spend about SR2,800 (about P28,000) monthly for their basic needs. Now, his family spends SR3,250 monthly because of a 16 percent increase in inflation.

"Generally, life here in Saudi Arabia is getting tougher and tougher because of this recession," he said.

Med Cortez, a restaurateur in Al-Khobar, said the restaurant has been forced to increase prices by a minimum of 20 percent because of corresponding price increases in all commodities. ‘If we did not increase prices, we would go bankrupt,” Cortez said.

Florante Catanus, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau

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