Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Hello everyone!!! SCFHS is the authorized organization here in Saudi Arabia in charge of setting and supervision of training programmed, and also set the rules and standards for the practice of health professions.This is where i submitted all my documents required to take the exam.

Professional Classification, Professional Registration

The Professional Classification aims at evaluating the abilities and efficiency of the Health Practitioner and authenticating his qualifications to determine the appropriate professional Grade and status compatible to his qualifications and efficiency at the time of evaluation. The Professional Classification also aims at eliminating those who are proved to be unqualified to practice safe health profession in the Kingdom in accordance with the responsibilities of the Commission stipulated in paragraphs (7) & (11) of article [2] of the Law of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
To fulfill the above mentioned objective, the Commission holds regular periodical examinations five times annually at the various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to the evaluation committees which are active all year round reviewing consultants’ applications for professional classification. The Commission had also concluded a contract with one of the international companies for holding examinations for professional classification all year round inside and outside the Kingdom using state-of-the art technology for such purpose. The Professional Classification of Health Certificates Committee of eleven members headed by the Secretary General of the Commission and membership of representatives from all various health service sectors undertakes the professional classification. The members of the Committee seek the assistance of numerous committees and bodies inside and outside the Kingdom in carrying out its important task.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know where the study material, CDS etc are available for mock tests in the respective specialties !
The English site of SCHS is down for last 20 days.
How to contact them-- Can you provide their email and or tel Numnbers.
25th July 2009