Monday, May 5, 2008

TFC:Life...Pinoy style

Hello again to everyone.Thank you for visiting my page.I appreciate it so much.Watching television is one of my past time here in Saudi Arabia aside from browsing the net,no choice hehehe. Being an expat i seek channels that is very close to my likes and interests.Watching television would never be the same as before.Yes I am a TFC subsciber,The Filipino Channel.Thank you ABS-CBN for bringing the Philippines so close to my new found home.TFC aired programs not only shows from the Philippines main station but also features Filipino program abroad like the new program that i am so much hooked watching it.Aired every monday here in Saudi Arabia at 12noon.The name of the show is Life...Pinoy style.About the show:

“Life… PINOY Style with Ron Bilaro” is a program about food and the lifestyles of Pinoys abroad, particularly Filipino-Americans. It showcases hardworking, enterprising, innovative and fun-loving Pinoys who inspire others. It highlights the best of Filipino cuisine as it evolves beyond the shores of the motherland.
This is a weekly 30-minute TV program encompassing food choices and preparation, entertaining and getting together, health, habits, hobbies, occupations, cultural challenges and practical issues.
At the heart of each episode is the program’s essence summarized as “kwentuhan, lutuan, kainan atbp.” (conversations, cooking, eating and more).

Life..Pinoy Style premiered on Sunday, November 18, 2007.
Stay tuned for Season 2 starting March 2, 2008.

Sundays 10:55 am
Replays on
Tuesdays 4:40 am
Thursdays 9:45 am

Sundays 11:55 am
Replays on
Tuesdays 5:40 am
Thursdays 10:45 am

Sundays 12:55 pm
Replays on
Tuesdays 6:40 am
Thursdays 11: 45 am

Sundays 1:55 pm
Replays on
Tuesdays 7:40 am
Thursdays 12:45 am

Life…Pinoy Style is now available worldwide to subscribers of TFC, TFCKo Video on Demand and TFCNow or you can log in to the website at

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