Friday, May 2, 2008

United Nations

I feel better now today unlike yesterday.Headaches is gone.I had a great quantity and quality of sleep.I had a full of energy and full of excitement to face the day.The weather is great.The sun is shining and smiling to everyone.Sandstorm is over.Everyone is out of there respective dwelling either to go to work or to enjoy the friday afternoon with friends and family.I was very much surprised when i checked my blog site just a few hours ago.The reason why is the planet noticed my blog.How did i knew it?Thanks to feedjit for the live traffic feed.I was really amazed for this new hobby of mine that i only started seven days ago.I met new friends.
The countries that ive seen from feedjit are the following SaudiArabia ,UnitedStates,Canada,Australia,Italy,Spain,Germany,Austria,Singapore,Brazil,Thailand,Sierra Leone,Slovakia and France and still counting wow amazing.This is the power of blogging maybe by this we can have a harmonious and peacefull planet united as one thru blogging...nyahahaha.WORLD PEACE...

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