Sunday, May 11, 2008

Super Maid

The news that i will share to everyone today is the talk of the town here among the Filipino community. It is very alarming situation to some of our kabayan especially the Pinay maids.To all my kabayans take care always and be safe.Mabuhay!!!

Pinay maid tortured by Saudi employer, 3 sons

A Filipino maid was repeatedly mauled and raped by her Saudi employer after allegedly stealing jewelry from her boss, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau reported Friday. Emily, 32, said she fled to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh last Wednesday after being tortured by her employer and his three sons.
"Ako daw kumuha ng gold saka pera. Doon sa kasama ko rin. Siya nagbibintang sa akin. Di naman [totoo]. Di ko naman ginawa yon. Di ko alam kung totoo ang mga sinasabi nila, ay milyones daw na pera," she recounted.Emily told ABS-CBN that she was offered two years' salary and a plane ticket back to the Philippines if she returned the missing valuables.
When she failed to produce any, she was brought to the police where she was mauled by her male employer and his three sons. She said she was punched, kicked and repeatedly pushed to the floor where she was beaten with nightsticks and steel tubes. "Sinasaktan, lahat pati ulo ko pinapalo nila ako ng makapal na sapatos... Suntok sa mukha, sa tiyan, pasa dito sa likod, sapatos, suntok, at sa paa tira. Tira dito. Pinapaamin sa akin yung gold," she recounted."Papatayin nila ako. Ayoko na. Buti nga nagawa kong tumakas ngayong araw na ito kasi kagabi binubugbog nila ako," she said.
Her body bears testament to the abuse. Emily's entire back is black, blue and red while her arms, legs and fingers are swollen. She also has a black eye, which she got after being punched repeatedly.
Emily also said she was raped three times by her male employer.Labor Attache David Dicang said the case has been forwarded to Saudi Police by officials of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. He said Philippine Ambassador Antonio Villamor is closely monitoring the situation.
More than 100 Filipino domestic helpers have also suffered similar fates in different areas in the Middle East who are now being brought home by the government through the Mass Repatriation Program.

Report from Dindo Amparo, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau


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Babette said...

Hi Ronald, thanks for sharing this. kawawa naman yung babae. Mahirap talaga dyan ano, baka mamaya gawa-gawa lang ng amo yung bintang na nagnakaw ng gold.
Definitely Maybe!
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