Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeddah Youth Today

I know you have many questions and wondering on what is the usual daily routine of a typical Saudi bachelors especially the youth of Jeddah. Let me answer that by sharing to you a video that was produced and directed by a genius whom he described himself a film freak.Thank you to Ala'a El Sayed for giving me his permission to use the video.The music on the background of the video is so interesting.That was performed by a group of talented Saudis where they called themselves the Jeddah Fabulous Ambitious Members aka J.FAM.At the end of the video there is a question and please feel free to give your answer.Enjoy watching the video.


YanaH said...

weh sayang kuya hindi ko maview ung video dahil sa napakaloser na connection ko..hehehe bukas ko na lang view ung vid sa work hehehe..

be safe kuya...

sheng said...

It helps that the youth has many things in mind and included therein is to save the future.

Noel said...

Ang ganda nga ng video, in fairness. What is missing? If you ask them, they would probably say "more, more fun is missing."

Pero sa typical Pinoy, family is nawala na sa kanila.

I found your blog sa wakas. Ikaw pala may-ari nitong blog na ito Ron. Di ko alam ah, sensya na hehe! I've been following it na pala before hehe!

Thanks ulit sa gift mo kay Ize. It was very fun to assemble - I had fun while Ize played with his other toys pero nung buo na ay nakita niyang interesting pala hehehe!