Monday, November 3, 2008

Ramadan Days!!!

This is the punishment for myself of being so lazy to update my blog.To think and remember the things that I've done to my life for the past,( let me count) one and two months ayayay let now my brain work on it.

Oh well , Big thanks to my photographs that i captured during those some special event and the likes as a souvenirs help me remember on what happened. I will start it from the holy season for the Muslims here in Saudi Arabia the Ramadan days.Ramadan time is so memorable for me because my schedule of work is very different form my normal working hour.

Since I'm working in a pharmacy following the mall business hours which start late in the afternoon until late at night so it means to say i have plenty of time to go party with my new found friends yahooooo.More invites here and there from some of my pinoy community here in Saudi Arabia.I discover new things and surprised me about the life here in the kingdom.New discoveries for me.I love it.

It is so Ironic because Ramadan here in Saudi Arabia is a time of fasting in the morning but for me it is a time for gluttony thats why i gain sooooo much weight it makes me fat.


meow said...

yes medyo nga wala ka na shape.curve!!!

enjoy na enjoy mo ha!

mightydacz said...

shape and curve no more nyahaha more sides na lang meow