Monday, November 3, 2008

Juan Tamad no more!!!

Juan Tamad who?Days and then weeks and then for a month now here i am again to my blog site trying to update and update.
From those moments i felt that the lost soul of Juan Tamad reincarnated and entered to my innocent body and that makes me soooo lazy to update my blog. So who is this Juan Tamad anyway?
According to my bestfriend Wiki Juan Tamad (Filipino for "Lazy John"), is a character in Philippine folklore noteworthy for extreme laziness. He is usually portrayed as a child, although in some interpretations, he is said to be a young man.Arguably, the Juan Tamad story most often told illustrates his utmost laziness to the point of stupidity that it becomes comedic.

Is there a similarity?I guess there is, so let me go backward and study those events that occurred to me and let Juan Tamad be free from my body.By doing that I'm now updating my blog.Yahoooo.
The reasons why i finally decided for myself to go on line and make this blog are the following:
1. to kill the boredom and make blogging as a passing time here in the Kingdom of Big brother ,the Saudi Arabia.
2.To let my friends and my family be updated about the things I'm doing to my life.
3.and let this blog be my souvenir as an ofw and read and review all my entries when the time i go back to my beautiful, free and open country las islas filipinas...nyahaaha.

But i am so surprised that there are some people out there who reads my blog and interested and be updated about on what i am doing about my kaleidoscope world . Thank you.

Why updating my blog makes me so lazy? one reason is that i I don't like the poor service of my internet provider the Saudi telecom company always have a problem with my connection to the Internet.hayayay!!! but now its pretty doing well hope this coming days i will not encounter problems with my internet provider.Sayang ng binabayad ko.LoL and be free from Juan Tamad.sana nga!!!Sarap kaya matulog!!!


meow said...

hahaha! you're back. Thanks for the call last night! Excited na kami sa summer. Bka kapag nandito ka, magkaroon na ako ng passes pasukin mga tinanung mo kagabi, samahan kita! ok naman ang park, wait ka na ng mga trees

mightydacz said...

ur always welcome meow.salamat