Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friends and Friendster

Yes i do have a Friendster account and i used this as one of my means of communication to my friends,classmates and my family and to keep me updated to them.As i woke up this morning to check my friendster account because my sister told me via smart roaming number of mine to visit her account because she posted new pictures of her but surprisingly all of my friends list was empty....

Asan na mga friends ko!!!Walang natira bakit zero?Hindi kaya i dinelete nila ako sa list nila?Ayaw na ba nila sa akin? Iyan ang mga bagay na naglaro sa aking isipan. I read what is written on my friends list area!!!SIGHed!!!A big relief on my little problem but a big deal to me!!!Friendster team answered my questions!!!ayan magbasa muna kasi kung ano nakasulat nyahahaha.Isang bulong!!!Maybe tonight or tomorrow it will be okay at magbalik na sila!!!

Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. Please be assured that all of your friend connections and data stored on Friendster are intact and will be corrected shortly. – Friendster Team

Here are some FAQs to help address your concerns:
What happened to my friends?
Currently, the number of friends in the friends list is being displayed incorrectly.

Are my friends lost permanently?
No. The data for all friend connections is intact and is not lost.

When can this be fixed?
Friendster is currently working on this problem and we hope to have this fixed within 24 hours.

Can I still add friends while the problem has not yet been fixed?
Yes, users can still add new friends and use other features of the site.

What caused this problem?
There was a power outage at our outsourced data center in Santa Clara, California, USA where Friendster’s servers are co-located along side approximately 50 other companies. As a result, the memory caching of data was affected. Since Friendster has 85 million users, the cache is taking a considerable amount of time to build. Once the cache has been completely built, all friends will re-appear.

For the latest updates, please go to


RJ said...

10 years ago, ni hindi ko naisip na medyo mahirap mabuhay sa taong 2008 nang walang Friendster!

2 days ago, 11 nalang ang natira kong mga friends, ngayon, bumalik na sa dati. 231 na.

Nabasa ko nga yang mga messages ng Friendster. Buti naman, nag-alala rin kasi ako. o",)

mightydacz said...

doockie wala pa saakin ngayon,mamaya check ko ulit

meow said...

yes! akin naman marami na-add sa friends list na hindi ko kilala! at di ko ina-add!

isa pa problem with friendster once you log in at di ka nag-logout, at you closed the window, you stay logged -in. Di sya automatic naglolog-off.

Nways,i think its ok now!

go facebook! hehehe!

spiky said...

it sucks of losing your contacts. it is like loosing your cellphone. buti na lang wala akong friendster account.

sa myspace naman maraming updates na nangyayari. kapag hindi mo naupdate mawawala lahat ng personal info mo including your uploaded pics. meron din virus pero hindi mawawala ang contacts mo.

i haven't tried facebook, but it heard it is good naman daw.

yung tagged naman, ok na ok din. lotsa fun and features. i have an account when i was working in manila.

BlogusVox said...

Merry Christmas to you bro!