Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Girls of Riyadh

Alahamdalalah is the word that i muttered (which means to say thanks be to God the expression that i borrowed from the Muslims brothers here in Saudi Arabia)when finally this controversial book is legally available now at Jarir bookstore printed and translated to English and with out any hesitation I purchased this book.The book that I'm talking about is Girls of Riyadh and I'm done reading it.

The book is surprisingly informative and offers a rare glimpse into the secretive lives of Saudi women behind their black cloak and veil.The book answered all my questions on how do Saudi ladies do their shopping, attending parties ,dating,courtship and weddings.

Girls of Riyadh or Banat al-Riyadh, is a novel by Rajaa Alsanea. The book, written in the form of e-mails, recounts the love lives of four young Saudi girls, Lamees, Michelle (half Saudi, half American), Gamrah, and Sadeem. It describes the relationship between men and women in the conservative Saudi-Arabian Islamic culture.

Originally released in Arabic in 2005, Girls of Riyadh was immediately banned in
Saudi Arabia due to (experienced) controversial and inflammatory content. Black-market copies of the novel circulated and Girls of Riyadh has been a bestseller across much of the Middle East.


meow said...

sound intresting, baka maadopt mo yan! hahahahaha!

mightydacz said...

meowie wag ka na bili ng book pasalubong ko sau ito.

meow said...

gawd! talaga?! i just cant wait!! sige pag-aralan natin yan!

RJ said...

"Secrets," "lihim!"

More review, please!

yoshke said...

interesting. pero wala ako hilig magbasa. sobrang bihira lang ako magbasa. haha.

Pati yung satanic verses sobrang interesting para saken, tinatamad pa rin ako basahin. haha

BlogusVox said...

"Girls of Riyadh" is finally legal? Makabili nga. How about "The Princess" banned pa kaya?

mightydacz said...

mr henyo hello po.yup legal na ang banat-al-riyadh.ung the princess wala pa sa jarir bookstore