Friday, April 25, 2008

until dawn

I started to make a blog last night.I finished it 4:30 in the morning, my mind is willing but my body is now surrendering to take a rest thats why i have to leave my computer and my page not yet done so here i am again trying to fix it to the best of my ability,im trying it also, to make it look good but still searching and still studying on how to make it.I looked the blog of Mel and Laura my classmates from Sunnyhill Training Center way back in my home country Philippines,who are now both in other place, mel is in USA and lara is in Canada,since both of them already have thier blog i visited it so that i can have an idea on what to do on my page.Lara is the one who encourage me to make a blog.According to her making a blog is a nice thing to do because from doing so i can make money out of it hmmm sounds interesting but how?hehehe anyway not only that i can meet friends anywhere around the world the bloggers enthusiast on of different likes and interests that shaped thier lives.So let me start to fix it.Good Luck to me.

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