Wednesday, April 30, 2008

super tuesday

Tuesday is a busy day for me.This is my schedule to have a general cleaning of my working area.I am handling one branch of a health shop.I am in charge of everything especially when it comes to the cleanliness of the shop.So instead of hiring some people to do it.I clean it for myself and i
love doing so as a form of exercise to me.I love to clean the glass wall and door the one which is in front of my store.Anyway dont you worry my friends my shop is just small so manageable.No sweat, doing it i fell i am spiderman clinging on the wall.To save mother nature I used old newspaper in cleaning.Using that it save you money and it is very effective to make the glass clean easily.I learned using paper instead of cloth in cleaning the glass since when i was in 3rd year high school from my chemistry teacher.She explained it scientiffically,the relation of water molecule to the absortion reaction to the fibers of paper, as far as I can recall.Since then I applied it in doing so.But it takes 10 to 15 minutes for me to start cleaning. I ussually read and scan the pages of the newspaper like the one that caught my attention and segregate it to re- read again.Funny but its true, cleaning the shop only takes me 30 minutes.I choose tuesday because little sometimes no customer at all.
I am always excited to go home after work.So what makes me fell that way?The reason is because i want to check my blog.Yeah since the day i made one for myself it makes me fell that way.I checked the blog of laura and read some of her post and dropped some comments, by doing so i clicked where she also gave comments.To my surprise one of her post is talking about cleaning the glass window,what a coincident happened very related to the one i made on that day.After how many hours Babette surprised me as my first visitor on my shout box.It is maybe a start of new friendship.Glass window and the newspaper is the big sign.On that day i said to my self that i will always post my whereabouts here on my blog.Kudos to all bloggers.World Peace.


Babette said...

Welcome to blogging Ronald. :) once you get a lot of posts, you can apply for paid blogging. Pambili rin ng pizza yon. LOL
Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...

laura said...

hehehe tama si babette my friend yan sila kumikita na ng malalaki ako ala pa but Im enjoying gaining friends naman at mag i enjoy karin,nakakatuwa mga post u keep posting sooner kikita rin kaw ng dolyares hahaha

mightydacz said...

babette thanks a lot....yeah pizza more pizza.binabawasan ko na kasi kumain ng rice.hehehe.thanks.