Monday, April 28, 2008

pizza monday!!!

Monday is a great day for me especially when it comes to food.Being an expat sometimes food is one of the problem. Since my family is away so there is no meal ready when you arrived at home from work.So the best thing i can do to save time and satisfies my hunger is to go to the nearest restaurant.Monday is day for me to partake pizza,because this is the day where i can take advantage of the promotion offered by Dominos pizza.Funny but its worth the money.I have to wait monday just for the promotion of buy one get one free.I always choose the hawaiian feast.I love it because it gives my taste bud a vacation with sweet hawain pineapple and peperoni in crunchy thin crust.So thin and crispy d topped with oregano.So that is my pizza monday,im full now andvery much satisfied until next monday again.

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Babette said...

So if it's Buy One-Get One Free, do you eat both pizzas? LOL You can freeze it. :) Thanks for the visit and comment.
Definitely Maybe!
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