Sunday, April 27, 2008

deep sleep

Oh i cant believe for myself on what had happened to me this morning,the first time that i experienced that i wasn't awakened by the alarm clock that i set before i went to sleep last night.The consequences that i got from waking up late,gosh shame on me folks to tell you honestly i went to work without taking a bath and without brushing my teeth,what i only did is dress up myself as fast as i could and dashed accross to get into the how did i get up from my bed?someone is knocking loudly at my door,someone is banging at my door intensely. That is the time that i was awakened from my deep sleep.I looked the clock panickly on what time is it,its almost 15 minutes late from the call time.Faiz is the one banging at my door,he is my Indian workmate and he is the one will give me a lift from my accommodation to our work.I felt so deeply ashamed on him, because of me both of us were late to work, we had to travel 20 minutes before we can get to our respective area.I felt so sorry about it and he forgave me for that,what i get was a huge laugh from him staring at my hair.When i looked myself to the mirror.I was also amazed on what i've seen.I looked like a trollz. I replied to him, this is my new hairstyle and both of us laugh.......lesson that i learned for this unfortunate event is.If you know that you sleep late for sure you will wake up late and be prepared!!!how?wear now your uniform instead of pajama before going to bed,hahahahaaa........seriously speaking....just only laugh on that tiny-winy-cutie problem that happened.sigh!!!!hahahaha

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