Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stargazer for Tita Cory

From the narration of Kris Aquino the daughter of our late Pesident Cory Aquino that she saw the sign from this lovely fower, the stargazer lily that her mother is now at peace and happily reunited with Ninoy in heaven.

The stargazer flower appeared in the dream of Senator Tessie Aquino Oreta that her brother Ninoy directed her to visit Cory and give the stargazer flower to her.

From that narration of Kris i asked mysef fom all the flowers why stargazer and i researched the meaning of this flower.

One of the most stunning and perhaps most celebrated lily varieties is the Stargazer lily. Known for its striking blooms and heavenly scent, the stargazer is a fantastic choice for a number of occasions. Delicate, bold, and fragrant all at once, stargazers can say Congratulations, I'm Sorry, and everything in between.

The stargazer has added a new layer to the already rich legacy of lilies, which have been a significant floral symbol for centuries. In ancient mythology and in folklore from around the world, the lily has appeared as a deeply spiritual and philosophical metaphor. Developed in the latter part of the 20th century, the stargazer lily is a recent addition to the lily family, but this unique and rather exotic hybrid has rapidly risen in popularity to become one of the most adored and sought-after of all lily varieties.

The lily family has traditionally represented innocence and purity. These motifs appeared as far back as ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and reappeared in biblical traditions. Stargazer lilies have come to be associated with these meanings, but they've taken on additional meanings as well. White stargazer lilies, in particular, have come to characterize a sense of purity and are often used as an expression of sympathy. The pink varieties are also considered symbolic of wealth and prosperity, as well being as a sign of aspiration.


Thank you and we will miss you Tita Cory.


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

such a sweet gesture from you Dacz.. Thanks for sharing. Stargazer is such a lovely flower and really signifies a touching story.. Tita Cory will be highly missed.

The Pope said...

Thank you for sharing this post for enlightening explanation of the Stargazer flowers, a symbol of purity which is one of the virtue of Tita Cory."

sheng said...

Oh, so yun pala ang stargazer, thanks for sharing...

Susie of Arabia said...

Such a beautiful flower and a lovely explanation - thanks, I really enjoyed it.