Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Song of the Traveller

This is one of my favorite poem after Mi ultimo adios written by Jose Rizal Philippines national hero.This poem is very closed to my heart as an OFW and i share this also to all the Filipino Overseas Worker around the globe.Mabuhay!!!!

The Song of the Traveller

by Jose Rizal

Like to a leaf that is fallen and withered,
Tossed by the tempest from pole unto pole ;
hus roams the pilgrim abroad without purpose,
Roams without love, without country or soul.

Following anxiously treacherous fortune,
Fortune which e 'en as he grasps at it flees ;
Vain though the hopes that his yearning is seeking,
Yet does the pilgrim embark on the seas !

Ever impelled by the invisible power,
Destined to roam from the East to the West ;
Oft he remembers the faces of loved ones,
Dreams of the day when he, too, was at rest.

Chance may assign him a tomb on the desert,
Grant him a final asylum of peace ;
Soon by the world and his country forgotten,
God rest his soul when his wanderings cease !

Often the sorrowing pilgrim is envied,
Circling the globe like a sea-gull above ;
Little, ah, little they know what a void
Saddens his soul by the absence of love.

Home may the pilgrim return in the future,
Back to his loved ones his footsteps he bends ;
Naught w├Čll he find but the snow and the ruins,
Ashes of love and the tomb of his friends,

Pilgrim, begone ! Nor return more hereafter,
Stranger thou art in the land of thy birth ;
Others may sing of their love while rejoicing,
Thou once again must roam o'er the earth.

Pilgrim, begone ! Nor return more hereafter,
Dry are the tears that a while for thee ran ;
Pilgrim, begone ! And forget thine affliction,
Loud laughs the world at the sorrows of man.

Translated by Arthur P.Ferguson


Anonymous said...

Uy, pwedeng entry sa PEBA!

Bakit wala ka pang entry sa PEBA, M'Dacz?

BlogusVox said...

Espanggol ang orihinal nito, di ba? Angkop nga sa OFW ang tulang ito. At isinulat pa ng isa sa mga naunang pinoy expats.

mightydacz said...

@ nebz oi d naman original na sa akin yun binabahagi ko lang lol wala pa akong entry nxt time na lang ako join sa 3rd season lol audience muna ako taga clap clap clap lol oi ramadan kareem

@blogusvox aiwa the original is in spanish language with a title of el canto de viajero....bagay na bagay nga sa lahat ng mga expats....ramadan kareem

sheng said...

Uy, galing naman nito, I have always Admired Rizal as a writer, but not as a hero, pero tama ka, this is really for you guys, today's modern day heroes.