Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Ramadan

A day before ramadan was the day I arrive in Jeddah.It was friday, weekend thats why the street is so quiet and no traffic at all.My schedule of work is different from my regular day a long time for rest.My work start at 1pm to 4pm-rest-back to work again at 9pm until 2am-rest rest rest.So it is a happy ramadan for me.At day time the street is so empty and at night it is so crowded. Lots of sale and promotion to food items in the supermarket even at the restaurants and fast food chains but they are open at night only. During this season i get a good and amazing sales in food supplements and multivitamins from my arab clients so it mean to say fabulous it.

The name "Ramaḍāma" had been the name of the ninth month in the Arab world long before the arrival of Islam; the word itself derived from an Arabic root rmḍ, as in words like "ramiḍa" or "ar-ramaḍ" denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations.

If the Christian has a star or parol for the Pinoys for decorations, the Muslim arabs also have decorations like this they called it FANOOS.


YanaH said...

ramdan kareem kuya dacz!

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

ramadan kareem Dacz. we miss you here in Khobar. Hope youll have a steady post na. Sasali ka ba sa PEBA? hehehe

mightydacz said...

@yanah elow natagpuan ulit kita lol nahanap kita sa blog ni mr kenji.oo ung header ko sa el nido sa pinas
dami na ako naipun na post ayusin ko na happy blogging....

@Mr kenji oo sana steady blogging na malayo na sa kalaban wala ng makikialam lol wala akong maisip for peba lol