Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Dining at fastfood chain is the big solution and a big help to satisfies my hunger here in Saudi Arabia because I'm too lazy to cook for myself at home.The best way to do it is to eat at McDonalds and my favorite here in there menu is the Chicken McArabia,beef is also available.The only difference of McArabia to burgers that they served is the type of bread that they used. Grilled chicken McArabia is served and dressed in Arabic flatbread with black sesame seeds.There is no Mc Spaghetti, rice and chicken served here in KSA unlike in the Philippines.Dining also here is different, bachelors and family are not allowed to eat together so there is a special section for the family and bachelors.This practice of dining is observed to all fast food chains and restaurants.


meow said...

hmm looks yummy!!! kaloka naman ang separate dining of bachelor! di pwede aura! hahaha

bob said...

ron, naging fave ko rin yan, but diba wala naman black sesame seed, baka zattar(thyme) yun, i hope im right, try mo rin ang big tasty, yun ang fave ko ngayon! lapit na ang bday! ramadan kareem!

RJ said...

Hahaha! Tulad ng palagi ko nang ikinukwento, nagulat talaga ako nung nalaman kong ang McDonald's Australia ay hindi pala naghahain ng kanin! Totoo! hahahah!

Ang tawag nila rito ng fries ay CHIPS.