Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm back.

Finally I'm back to blogging again.Welcome back to me and it is so nice to update my page again for after a month of absence here in blogspot,so exciting.Sorry for the inconvenience and for keep on waiting for the updates about me especially to Meow and Bob,hello to both of you.The only reason why i cant make it to update my page is that I moved to a new apartment,my new accommodation here in Saudi Arabia.That's what made me busy and there is no internet connection ready yet.Obviously right now i do have now my internet connection,thank you to Joener for sharing the wi-fi connection.I missed my fellow blogger and i want to say hello to all like to Laura Stone,Sheila Catalan,Meow,Mel,Ms kalidadis,Ms Babette and to Kit Zulueta.Thank you.


SHIELA said...

welcome back dear. touch naman ako special mention pa name ko...hehehe. it's nice to have you back.

Babette said...

Uy welcome back. Akala ko nakalimot ka na. LOL joke! Buti di ka nanginginig-nginig noong wala kang internet. hehehe

Paki-add itong bagong blog ko pls.

Congratulations din, may PR na agad itong blog mo ha. Page Rank 1. :)
Ilang months na ba itong blog mo, kung more than 3 months na pwede ka nang mag-apply dito sa Pay Per Post, Smorty, Buy Blog Reviews/">BuyBlogReviews and Sponsored Reviews. Si Laura nagpaid reviews na rin. :)