Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hello to all, finally i made it again to update my blog.I found some difficulty to log in to blog spot due to poor connection of internet here in our new apartment.So anyway I'm so thankful today.I will re introduce my pet.Actually im not the real owner of these cats my Brazilian friend named Rudy who is on vacation now is the owner, since nobody will take care of his cats he left it with me.I gave the name Shobe and Ditch to the kittens and Meowie Taylor for the mother, sounds like a sexy actress in the Philippines.Right meow?Rudy instructed me on how to take care of these cats.In the morning put them all in a box full of pebbles so they can pooh and peeh.Feed the cats three times a day.Twice a week give them a shower and last on the list especially instructed to me don't kill the cat just to make them siopao because they know how to fight i taught them capoira Rudy said to me.LOL.Meowi e the mother is not an ordinary cat,one time when she escaped to Rudy in the apartment and when she came back to the house she is now pregnant to shobe and Ditch the father is an unknown strange Saudi cat.


laura said...

hahaha nagpabuntis pala kaya nag escape.

meow said...

hahaha! pussy cat dolls!!! we are family na we are family!!! baka yang mother eh rampa din with the kittens!! hahahaha!

bob said...

ma-elyang cat itong si meowie taylor, si harry rin medyo ma-elya na!