Monday, September 1, 2008

Pansit Tiwi

The information about Pansit of Tiwi is worth a million of pesos as what Edu Mansano the host of Pilipinas Game Ka na Ba? asked his contestant on what is the main ingredients that makes pansit of Tiwi,Albay special, sad to say the contestant don't know the answer so no one million pesos for him, but it is more too bad on my part that Tiwi is my hometown and i don't know anything about it.Shame on me but anyway my big thanks to The Filipino Channel for airing that show here in KSA and I am now informed that Pansit of Tiwi is made up of seaweeds.To confirmed that info i phoned my dad about that matter and it is true according to him.I searched it also on the internet and surprisingly there is an article talked about it written by my classmate in high school who is now a reporter in ABS-CBN,thank you Sarita.

Albay folk promote seaweed 'pansit'
By SARITA KARE;ABS-CBN Regional Network Group

Pansit or rice noodles -- how ever you cook it -- is a favorite Pinoy fare.But coastal residents of Tiwi town in Albay province have discovered a new pansit variety right in their backyard.Seaweed pansit has become a favorite among residents, thus creating another business opportunity for farmers.

Tiwi is teeming with seaweeds, making it the perfect place for seaweed pansit makers.Aside from its unique taste, seaweed noodles is packed with health-benefits."We cant get calcium from seaweed and it's good for the children's bone and teeth development. For adults, seaweed has magnesium that prevents cardiovascular [problems],” said Seth Conde, the town’s project manager for seaweed pansit production.

Seaweed noodles can be cooked into pansit canton, pansit luglug, spaghetti or carbonara.A pack of seaweed noodles costs P25 while a kilo is sold for P50.Some residents have also made chips out of seaweeds sold at P10 per pack.Seaweed noodles are also making a social impact in Tiwi."We're targetting schools that have malnourished children," said Conde.

Presently, seaweed-made products are being manufactured at the back of the municipal gym.There are also plans to supply seaweed pansit to various businesses in the province.So if you're in Albay -- make sure to visit Tiwi where seaweed noodles have helped families earn extra income provide a food source for poverty-stricken children and put the municipality on the gourmet map.

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Babette said...

Thanks for sharing this. This is the first time I've heard of this kind of pancit. I'm curious to know what it tastes like. I've tried fresh seaaweed salad but haven't tried it in cooked form.