Friday, September 5, 2008

first year in al-khobar

Today is my first year anniversary of staying here in Al-khobar after in Riyadh.I like it here,clean,beautiful surroundings,little relax compared to Riyadh,major places are near to each other,friendly people,near the beach oh i love the views, i love the salty crisp air flashing on my face.What i hate here is the humid weather as if i am on a big sauna room,just standing and doing nothing almost all of my body is sweating but still i love it.Thanks God i survived the Al-khobar life style so simple yet amazing and i learned so many things in dealing about life specially when boredom strikes and i surprised myself of new hobbies and new discoveries.


laura said...

uy nauna pala u sakin mag 1 yr ako sa 19 pa,hapi anni.hehehe

mightydacz said...

thank you mrs stone.

meow said...

wow! xoxal! happy 1st anniversary! ganda naman ng view!