Saturday, July 4, 2009

Riyadh-a second chance

Finally im here again at bloggywood to give you some updates of my whereabouts and that is for almost a month now since i arrived here in Saudi Arabia and my vacation stories to tell.Alas count me in im present again in the bloggywood classroom lol.

Yes it is true that im back now again in Saudi but for this time im here in Riyadh and this is the second time for me to work here again and no more in the eastern region thats why when Mr.Kenji of thouhtsmoto invited me to attend the EB of bloggers of eastern region i cant make it coz am to far away for them.Oh missed that event to meet my fellow bloggers based in Khobar area like Nebs and Pajay but this time im now near to the pink tarha ladies and to mr sandbox

The reason why i cannot give some updates of mine here in bloggywood is that i dont have my own laptop coz the one that i used before i gave it to my brother during my vacation in the Philippines.A dream come true again to me coz i got my laptop now,my macbook and this is my first post here using My macbook her name is Queen la-Tifah(Tifah arabic for apple,pronounced as Thufah) yehey clap,clap,clap.

About my vacation i can say it was really a blast for me and i will share it to you every details of it from Manila to Palawan and my Super star cruise virgo experience from Singapore to Phuket,Thailand  and Langkawi,Malaysia.


RJ said...

Ayan! Bumalik na rin...

Nabinyagan na ba ang Apple laptop mo? Happy New laptop!

Talagang bakasyon pala ang ginawa mo. Aabangan ko ang mga kwento. U

The Pope said...

Welcome back bro, we'll be waiting for your stories on your vacation....

And welcome to your newly found sweetheart Queen la-Tifah, she's very beautiful indeed.

A blessed Sunday morning.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

haha, welcome back to the world of blogging, dacz the mighty. Sige excited to have your updates with your mega-vacation-grande!

Ang entry sa PEBA, wag kalimutan. hehe

The Pink Tarha Team said...

Welcome back!

Wow, you're now in Riyadh! Welcome to the hot (and haute) city! We look forward to meeting up with you one of these days. Riyadh bloggers EB naman?! Hehe. :)

Take care!

BlogusVox said...

aba dacz, andito ka pala sa riyadh. saan ka nakatuka ngayon?

Anonymous said...

Tarooz! Mac ang gamit!

So nandiyan ka na pala sa Riyadh. Musta naman ang new assignment?

Fave ko si Queen Latifah ha. Thanks for the info. Thufah pala ang apple. Hmmm...a thufah a day, keeps the doc away. (Korni ko...)