Friday, June 20, 2008

Pinoy abroad

Living life as an expat is very good when you are earning enough or married to someone who can afford the life there. Living abroad exposes one to other cultures, food, places and ways of living one would otherwise have not known if they have never gone out of the Philippines.

It is great exposure to cultivate an open mind and to develop a mature perspective of the world. One can experience culture shock but if one keeps an open mind and keep a positive attitude, one can easily adapt to changes and new cultures. However, it can be sad when one realizes how far they are from family and friends and things that are familiar.

We are fortunate that technology nowadays like the internet and mobile phones allow people to connect in more ways than one and to communicate as if loved ones are just in the other room. The best way to combat homesickness is to bring something that reminds you of home, keep busy at work and make lots of friends. Before you know it, you would have made your new place your new home.

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